Playstation VR Can Run HDMI From The Xbox One...Badly

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Several big PlayStation games are already working on virtual reality versions. It's time for high-end VR to make it into the mainstream with today's launch of the Sony PlayStation VR headset.

To give it a try, plug the HDMI cable from your Xbox One or other device into the PS VR's processing unit, then HDMI cables from the unit to your TV and to the headset. However, before you get all excited, you should probably hear Polygon's side of the story, especially considering that it's a Playstation device working with an Xbox One. You use it by plugging the headset into your PlayStation 4, which powers the experiences therein. One of the features that the PlayStation VR has is the ability to stream content from the PlayStation 4 directly. Since the PS4 controller won't sync with an Xbox One (for obvious reasons), gamers can't re-center anything when using Microsoft's console with Sony's headset.

The electronics giant - which has been leaning on its videogames business to claw back to profitability - will start selling its PlayStation virtual reality (PSVR) headset on Thursday in home market Japan and North America. In any event, we certainly weren't expecting anyone to be playing Splatoon multiplayer with the PS VR on launch day, but here we are.

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Sony has a leg up on its rivals because the PS VR is compatible with the more than 40 million PS4 systems already in consumers' homes. Earlier this year, Facebook-owned Oculus began selling its Rift virtual reality headsets for $599, a price which does not include the cost of a computer that can handle the processing and graphics demands of the technology. Needless to say, the fact that the PlayStation VR can be used on PC in cinematic mode may open up some interesting possibilities in the future. Priced at $399, the headset is significantly cheaper than rival offerings and Sony is hoping the gadget will fly off the shelves during the crucial holiday season.

Will you be picking up a PlayStation VR, Ranters?