President Obama trash-talks Trump about getting a job at 7-11


Barack Obama assailed Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday over remarks about groping women, also criticizing Republicans who continued to support the candidate.

Obama remained lighthearted despite three interruptions by hecklers, who were escorted out by security.

Earlier, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the remarks in the recording amounted to sexual assault.

U.S. President Barack Obama smiles during a campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on October 11, 2016 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The president has called Trump unfit for the White House several times before, but his remarks here are part of a stepped-up offensive from the president with less than a month left until the November 8 elections and Trump sliding in the polls. She's got specific ideas to invest in jobs, to help workers share in their company's profits, to put more young people and children and toddlers in preschool, to make sure that students get through college without taking on a ton of debt.

Henry Frye, the first African-American chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, made a personal plea to get voters registered and to the polls as he introduced Obama.

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The President also marveled at Trump's debate claims - including that he would jail Clinton if elected.

Clinton is leaving nothing to chance, especially when it comes to black voters, who are not as enthusiastic about her as they are about Obama. "We still think he should be president.' That doesn't make sense to me", Obama told several thousand people at a raucous outdoor rally.

In the 2005 video published on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Trump bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy".

"Hearing the president say the future of the country is in your hands is a great feeling", said Tiffany Dayer, a Clinton supporter. Obama said. "When you welcome Russian meddling in our electoral process, then you're disregarding not just things like facts, or evidence, or a free press, but you're chipping away at basic values like tolerance, and due process and mutual respect". The ESPN website explores the intersection of race, sports and culture. The program is among the topics the president discussed Tuesday in Greensboro during a forum hosted by "The Undefeated".

The president devoted the address to staking out what he sees as a contrast between Clinton's public service and qualifications for the White House and Trump's personal and political deficiencies. "I can forgive 'em, I suppose, if they're honest about it, but I don't want them necessarily leading the country", he said. "Donald Trump, bless his heart", she said.