Samsung expands Note 7 recall in U.S. to replacement phones


It goes without saying, the Galaxy Note 7 is risky because of its faulty battery problems, but it's still proving hard to get customers to return the handset.

OWNERS OF THE Samsung Galaxy S7 are reportedly getting push notifications on their devices reassuring them that they needn't handle it with fire-proof gloves or have a bucket of water nearby at all times. If you bought your phone via Samsung's website and want to exchange it online, you'll get the same monetary perks, but in the form of Samsung.com gift certificates. Customers who exchange the Note 7 for a Samsung device will get a $100 credit, while those opting for an alternative brand will receive $25 credit. Same goes for folks who exchange their Note 7 for a different brand of smartphone. Samsung also recalled about 200,000 phones in China and about half a million phones in South Korea.

While a lot of chatter has been made about Snap - the parent company to Snapchat - and its upcoming IPO, it has left many to forget about another social name: Pinterest. Today Samsung formally announced that it has expanded the recall to include both the original, spontaneously-combusting devices, and the "fixed" replacement devices that also began catching fire over the last few weeks.

More than 100 Galaxy Note7 smartphones have reportedly caught fire to date, including 23 overheating in the United States after the initial recall.

Yet the company has claimed that despite the vast scale of the recall - which Samsung estimates will eat into $2.33bn of its profits - only 96 handsets have been found to have caused damage or injury owing to the faulty battery problem.

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission had announced voluntary recall of a million Note 7s on September 15th.

Samsung will either provide a full refund at the original price or replace Note 7 units with any other model of Samsung phone, and give refunds of the difference in prices, along with a 300 yuan ($45) voucher.

Samsung already slashed its third-quarter profit forecast by $2.6 billion earlier this week, an amount that could wipe out its entire mobile business profit.

The Note is one of the most successful smartphone lines launched by Samsung.

If Note 7 owners want to receive the full 100,000-won gift from Samsung, they are required to replace the phones with Samsung products until November 30.