The Justice Society of America Trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The Justice Society of America Trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Next time on "Legends of Tomorrow" the search for Rip Hunter will begin in earnest.

Hourman was with the members of the Justice Society of America or the JSA which "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2 spoilers say, will have major roles to play in the upcoming season. Mick's narrative sets the stage for multiple flashbacks to amusing capers, during which the Legends try but fail to not use future tech (and or sex) during pivotal historical times. Instead, a man whose name is Nate (Nick Zano) have asked the help of Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Arnel) in finding them. How are you going about handling them? Rip is still leading this crew with his dashing trench coat and stiff upper lip. In this scene, he lets Mick and Stein take the lead while he largely hangs back and enjoys the champagne.

While most fans will likely be wondering about the whereabouts of Vandal Savage at this point in time, I do kind of like the concept of the team righting wrongs throughout the timeline as recompense for destroying the time masters, as it allows for a lot of variety in adventures for them throughout time and space.

Jefferson Jackson isn't happy about being left on the Waverider, but Hunter tells him he needs the time drive fully functional in case things go awry. With her, however, the story is much more direct. She wants to kill Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) in the past before he can kill her sister on Arrow. Sara, in a rage, goes after Darhk and is eventually forced to retreat.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 didn't really lend itself to weekly write-ups, not only for its habit of feeling inconsequential against the goings-on of Arrow and The Flash, but also the narrative wheel-spinning built into the formula.

We see the team in 1830s France, where they have to foil an assassination attempt by some people with some very non-1800s weaponry.

The Justice Society of America Trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow
The Justice Society of America Trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Aaaaand with that, the plan's completely changed, yet again. Sara and Ray get into an argument over her side mission.

There were some amusing moments with the Legends as they teamed up with Albert Einstein, especially when Einstein was more friendly with Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) than he was with Professor Stein (Victor Garber). It's not a heavy conflict or resolution thereof, but it feels the quota for inter-team conflict.

Hawman and Hawkgirl may be long-gone, but they will be replaced by new heroes Amaya Jiwe and Heywood. So he does. "Some guy in a hood named Rex Tyler said if we set foot in 1942, we'd be screwed", he summarizes. Which throws him into the same corner as Stein, except he's younger and not as conceited.

"I don't want to spoil it too much", said Guggenheim. Sara, still out for vengeance for Laurel's death, discovers that Damien Darhk is also in 1942. None other than the Reverse Flash (Matt Letshcher)! We have no indication of their ultimate goal, but between Darhk's power and Eobard's knowledge of the future and time travel ability, these two could make for a very risky pairing indeed.

I wouldn't describe Legends as a particularly dark show, but the first season did have its grim periods as it explored Savage's warpath of destruction and its impact on characters like Rip and the Hawks. I'm curious to learn more about this group and what their deal is, and how the Legends are involved with them (and when). They find Atom, Firestorm and White Canary, but Nate suggests going back in time once more so that Albert Einstein's wife gets the credit she deserves. You can also read the episode's official description directly below. This Sarah has definitely progressed to Neutral Good.

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