GOP strategists: Clinton has grip on electoral votes needed


"I have no doubt the national media is trying to rig this election with their biased coverage in Hillary Clinton's favor", he declared.

After a lull last month, high-level campaigning has accelerated in what polls indicate is a tossup state.

"The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary - but also at many polling places - SAD", he tweeted Sunday.

Hillary Clinton is advancing into states the Democrats haven't won in decades, confidently expanding her offensive against Donald Trump and aiming to help her party win back control of Congress.

'We will absolutely accept the results of the election, ' he told CBS.

Rather than campaigning in the tightest battlegrounds, Trump was spending much of Monday out of sight before speaking in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a state where Clinton is viewed as having an edge.

Trump has recently started insisting that the November election will be "rigged" against him.

"I can reassure Donald Trump: I am in charge of elections in Ohio and they're not going to be rigged, I'll make sure of that", Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted told CNN. It was at that event in NY where Clinton stung Trump by reviving his past shaming of a former Miss Universe for gaining weight.

It seems that developments over recent weeks may be changing that, as the debates and Trump tape revelations crystallise the opinions of undecided and independent voters. During the second debate, Trump repeatedly insinuated in conspiratorial tones that the moderators were going soft on Clinton in various ways.

Trump's campaign has been struggled with sexual misconduct allegations from several women since a 2005 videotape emerged on October 7 showing him boasting about groping and making other unwanted sexual advances on women.

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"His entire tack could not be better created to drive away college-educated women", said Ayres, the GOP pollster.

Last night's poll has sparked speculation that Mr Trump's lewd behaviour to women may finally have hit his popularity. But I have to admit, even though I consider myself a reasonably knowledgeable observer-if we go all the way back to when I volunteered for Michael Dukakis as a college student, this is the eighth presidential campaign I've either worked on, studied as an academic, or reported on-I absolutely can not fathom what goes on when Donald Trump and his inner circle sit down to talk about how things are going.

She even beat house speaker Paul Ryan by 30 points, and soared ahead of Tim Kaine by the same number. Ryan withdrew his invitation to Trump, and Pence later cancelled.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office wouldn't say Saturday whether he agreed with Trump's assertions the election is being rigged.

Should the Republican fall short in Pennsylvania, he would need to post victories in both Florida and OH, as well as several other battlegrounds - North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and New Hampshire among them - to reach 270.

Earnest listed states that he said would be key in the presidential election and that have Republican governors, including Georgia, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa.

Former CIA operative Evan McMullin, announced his presidential candidacy on August 8, 2016. That kind of uncertainty opens the door to a win there for Clinton or for third-party candidates Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson.

As Trump's campaign careens from crisis to crisis, he's broadened his unfounded allegations that Clinton, her backers and the media are conspiring to steal the election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week his country was not involved in trying to influence the USA election. But about a quarter of the state's voters are African American, a reliably Democratic-voting bloc.

These are also delicate times for Clinton. And we knew they were. With a level of composure seldom seen on live television, she was a model of sangfroid, perfectly calibrating her facial expressions even as Donald J. Trump called her disgraceful, said she had "tremendous hate in her heart" and threatened to jail her.