Evolution of mobile phones

Evolution of mobile phones

In 1973, the first call was placed on a mobile phone and initiated the beginning of a long path to the modern phones we have today. Of course, the first mobile phone was anything but the models that exist today. While there have been many changes over the years, the most have occurred in the last twenty years. 

After the initial introduction of the mobile phone, the next significant milestone occurred in 1990 when a phone call as able to be made using digital technology. One drawback of the previous mobile phone was its size. During the 90’s, the devices were able to become more compact as smaller batteries were created. This change alone helped to make more people desire owning a mobile phone. 

By the 1990’s, different styles of phones were created thus making it possible for owners to choose a design that fit their life style. For example, the flip phone was revolutionary during this time as it was actually two parts of a phone joined together with a hinge. A second style of phone was a slide phone. Like the flip phone, it was also comprised of two parts but they came together and apart by sliding the parts on a rail. With this design, it became possible for phones to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard

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In the beginning, mobile phones were designed only to send and receive voice data. However, as technology changed, they were now able to handle other types of data which led to texting, email and instant messaging. The internet was also accessible from mobile phones which led to a whole host of new possibilities. Gaming became a popular activity performed on mobile phones with casino games that can be found on online casinos in New Zealand to huge library of games on Play store or Apple Store available. 

This evolution of the mobile phone has produced numerous benefits for consumers. Given the fast pace of growth, the future is bound to hold even many more implications for mobile phone users.