Kim Kardashian's Assistant Says "Keeks Is Taking Some Much-Needed Time Off"

Facing her wrath Kim Kardashian incurred the anger of her mother Kris Jenner a preview for season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows also seen here is Khloe Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban

But the blackout doesn't lessen our appetite for Kardashian news, and we can't help but wonder what exactly happened that evening and how.

A representative for the Hôtel de Pourtalès told Romper that the hotel is not commenting on the incident or allegations right now.

The guard said the hotel had major security issues for years, but changes were never made.

"There was no real security at all", he tells Mail Online". We told them years and years before, you have to make a camera, you have to put [in place] a security process, about keys. "I'm a mom! Take whatever you want!'" recalls the father-of-one, who actually works as a security guard and had been left to man the front desk. The code of the door was never changed and everybody knew it.

Kim's spokeswoman said at the time: "Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening by two armed masked men dressed as police officers".

Kim Kardashian in Paris prior to the attack.

Abdulrahman disclosed an internal email sent by the management in 2010 with the Daily Mail reporters that warned them of the "lax security at the establishment", and said that he is now planning legal action against the hotel.

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He said: "I went up to the apartment with the robbers".

Realising they were about to get busted, the gang pushed him down the stairs of the hotel - where singer Robin Thicke was also saying and Jennifer Lawrence had been a guest just days before - and bolted. Kim is one of the most famous and public personalities in the entire world so it will definitely be weird not to have her snapping and 'gramming away during this extended absence.

The thieves are believed to have made off with Kim's $5.6million ring from Kanye.

Fearing for both their lives, he begged for mercy as Kim was attacked, bound and gagged.

'She just wants to be with her kids and out of public. I told her, me too, I have one son. I said, you have to be silent, you know. They are responsible, I think. "And I still blame them now". "I ended up having the handcuffs on until nearly five in the morning because policemen did not have the ability to open them". You know that keeps us coming back for more! 'If you look at that big door, it wasn't locked, it was open. And he continued to caution against a lack of security.

He added: "One day, someone might be killed".