New SNC poll: Clinton leads Trump by 8 points


What happens if we have a rerun of Trump's little meltdown after the Iowa caucuses, when the Donald demanded a do-over rather than accept that Ted Cruz had beaten him?

President Barack Obama spoke at the White House on October 18, 2016, in part about Donald Trump's claims that the election is rigged.

Perhaps most problematic for Republicans, however, is Trump's full-bore attack on the election process.

PuckIt's getting harder to maintain any serious suspense about who will win the presidential election, so the focus has started shifting to the day after Election Day. It is each state's secretary of state that is responsible for overseeing and safe guarding the election process.

Ever since a tired George Washington rode home to Mount Vernon in 1797, American democracy has rested on a cherished principle: the transfer of power from an outgoing president to a successor widely seen as legitimate.

"The most important thing in the system is that the winners win and the losers lose", said Mark Braden, former chief counsel of the Republican National Committee. "Almost as important as that is that the rational people that support the loser believes that the victor won".

Trump called it an "elaborate and deliberate cover-up" and called for the State Department official, Undersecretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy, to be fired.

With the Trump campaign now predicting the election will be rigged by Hillary Clinton, voting rights activists are once again alarmed by calls from the Republican's campaign for so-called "volunteer election observers".

Multiple other secretaries of state have likewise asserted that the elections in their states will not be rigged. "There is no evidence behind any of this, so this should not continue to be said".

Before the first debate, Trump led his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, by 8 points among men in a Morning Consult survey of likely voters.

Two final polls undertaken by Gallup and Rasmussen shortly before the 2012 presidential election both showed Mitt Romney winning. Mr Trump was due to hold rallies in Colorado.

- representatives of both candidates and parties observe vote-counting.

And election officials are pushing back.

Jon A. Husted, the secretary of state of OH, said it was "wrong and engaging in irresponsible rhetoric" for any candidate to question the integrity of elections without evidence.

Donald Trump told a radio show host he thinks Hillary Clinton might have orchestrated the wave of sexual assault allegations he's facing. "I would have to be a moron to say that", Giuliani said.

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He has returned to the theme of a venomous Washington political establishment rigging the vote on and off for weeks.

But his accusations hit a new intensity late last week and over the weekend.

Doubling down on Monday, Trump tweeted: "Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day". It's been a steady decline for the Republican candidate since then, and in the newest survey he leads Clinton among the same group by just 3 points, 31 percent to 28 percent. "So naive!" Trump added on Monday.

Most voters with teenage children say they talk about the election with their children somewhat often (44%) or very often (20%). Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from NY and a Clinton ally.

"The fact that Trump is a major US political party's presidential nominee could complicate survivors" experiences further. These states comprise 278 presidential electoral votes.

Trump does have some supporters, though they may not be as full-throated as the candidate would wish they were.

House Speaker Paul Ryan released a statement through a spokeswoman on Saturday saying that he is fully confident "the states will carry out this election with integrity".

But neither Ryan nor Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have spoken out in person.

He said he is "surprised and troubled" by Republican lawmakers who he said are echoing their presidential nominee's positions on Russian Federation.

Sandy Duckett, 58, a nonprofit CEO from Green Bay and past president of Brown County Republican Women, said Trump is getting support in the Fox Valley area because "people are exhausted of business as usual".

Obama said in a Rose Garden news conference Tuesday that some of the "more sensational implications or appearances" related to the report "are not based on actual events".

Given that Trump has branded himself in politics, business and life as the ultimate victor, the prospect of a crushing defeat in November on the grandest stage must be a bitter one. Teams of lawyers will file legal challenges if necessary.

The president initially said he would pull his punches when it comes to politics, respecting the official setting. Given its resurgence, let's take a second look.

"You want me to (say) that I think the election in Philadelphia and Chicago is going to be fair?"

"Almost a century and a half ago, Sen". Stephen Douglas told Abraham Lincoln, who had just defeated him for the presidency, 'Partisan feeling must yield to patriotism. "Survivors are watching this unfold, and many might now say 'I don't want to come forward because I fear that kind of degradation, ' or 'That's confirmation of why I didn't come forward because this is how badly survivors are treated'".