Navy member named as driver of truck in deadly San Diego crash

Police stand near the pickup truck that landed at Chicano Park after it flew off a ramp to the San Diego Coronado Bridge in San Diego on Saturday Oct. 15 2016. Four people were killed and nine

Authorities say two men and two women were fatally crushed by a pickup truck that flew off the San Diego-Coronado Bridge onto people gathered at a festival below.

The driver, who has been identified as off-duty Navy serviceman Richard Anthony Sepolio, 25, was taken to the University of California San Diego hospital with major injuries and later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence causing injury or death.

"It's terrible. It's horrific", said Jake Sanchez, a public information officer for the California Highway Patrol.

- A Chandler couple was killed when a truck rolled off a bridge in San Diego and hit several people below.

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The truck landed among the crowd attending La Raza Run, a motorcycle ride that ends with a celebration at the park.

Sepolio remained hospitalized Sunday with serious injuries.

The scene was "instant chaos and panic", one attendee told the Tribune.

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Tina Camarillo told the San Diego Union-Tribune she and her daughter were in a booth next to the one that was hit.

"It's frightful. It's horrific". "They are innocent people that are just down here having a good time, and now they're gone", said CHP public information officer Jake Sanchez.

Four people were killed and at least eight others were injured when the truck landed on a vendor's booth.

"All I heard was a boom, and all of a sudden we just see this truck flying down", witness John Vazquez told the local ABC-TV affiliate.

Witnesses say the truck landed on a vendor tent set up for a motorcycle festival.

On the freeway above at about the same time, Sepolio was trying to get from a northbound lane onto Interstate 5, troopers said. Her buddy, Pedro Sanchez, was among numerous guys who rushed to raise the pickup off the victims.

Pieces of auto parts flew all over the grounds, and photos of the scene showed Sepolio's truck to be a mangled mess with its hood popped open near one of the pillars of the Coronado Bridge.

The park is located in the city's predominantly Hispanic Logan Heights neighborhood.