The Accountant movie review: an awkward and amusing financial thriller


Affleck plays Christian Wolff, an accountant who is tracked by a high level security guy in the United States government.

His unique gifts allow him a lucrative side-hustle as a forensic accountant for "some of the scariest people on the planet", according to Ray King (J.K. Simmons), director of crime enforcement at the Department of the Treasury.

As an adult, Chris works out of a modest CPA office, but it's a front for his moonlighting gig: as a forensic accountant and highly trained assassin for unsafe criminal organizations and cartels and terrorist cells. I'm not even going to pretend to know what it's like to have a form of it. But as Christian un-cooks the books and gets closer to the truth, the body count starts to rise. He's the kind of guy who responds to a cliché like "What are the odds?" by reciting the actual odds; the kind of guy who finishes the brutal beatdown of a would-be assassin and then calmly waves good-day to the stunned older couple who just witnessed it.

Autism, formally known as autism spectrum disorder, can affect social skills and may include symptoms such as repetitive behaviours, extreme resistance to changes in routine, and sometimes aggression or self-injury. It tells the story of a genius with autism. But there are genuine gestures here about accepting the gifts of people with autism, and it's worth noting how unusual such territory is for a Hollywood thriller - something O'Connor ("Warrior", "Pride and Glory") knows how to firmly construct.

"You become more comfortable with somebody", Affleck said. This man has been involved in a series of events that have triggered this search.

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Ben Affleck said he took silat lessons for his upcoming action thriller 'The Accountant.' - Handout via TheHive.AsiaLOS ANGELES, Oct 14 - Ben Affleck has revealed that he took silat lessons for his upcoming action thriller The Accountant.

"It was harder to fake being an expert in martial arts for this movie than it was doing it with a mask", Affleck explained. While the father is well-meaning, his brutal methods are definitely jarring.

"It's a great time to be different in today's world", Affleck says.

"Two hours of grimly serious puzzle-box dramatics and beat-downs starring Ben Affleck as an Affleck-shaped void". "So much of it is driven by the fact that once you have kids, it's as if your heart is now outside of your body, and you feel so vulnerable".

While Kendrick and Affleck have a nice chemistry and both turn in fine performances, "The Accountant" is elevated by some terrific supporting performances. However, there is one detail about The Accountant that we definitely haven't seen that much before; the accountant in question, Christian Wolff, is an autistic savant.