Tim Cook for Veep? Clinton Reportedly Considered It


In a mail to Podesta, she asked why Clinton described herself as such, to which he replied that she "didn't remember saying it".

In fact, Hillary also defended her statement even when it gave way to a political turmoil.

Saban wrote: "Call me stupid but you don't shred him on the below, in simple easy to understand one liner ... emotion-triggering one liner [s], are much more compelling for the majority of voters..."

In one of the emails from John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, to Sandy Newman, president and founder of the nonprofit organization Voices for Progress, Mr. Podesta tries to reassure Mr. Newman - who is anxious about the Catholic vote - to rest easy.

"I continue to believe he's the manchurian candidate of the GOP - secretly out to tank her", she continued. NBC News learning her likely response to hit Trump for praising Vladimir Putin, suspected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of being behind the hacks.

JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ:JBLU) Insiders Look Pessimistic About Prospects
St George Martin J (EVP Commercial) of JBLU [NASD] sold 9000 shares worth of $155073 at the average price of $17.23 on01 Sep 2016. Institutional sponsorship just refers to ownership of a stock by mutual funds, banks, pension funds and other large institutions.

New MacBook Pro: Apple announces keynote event
Expectations are on the rise as Apple Inc is anticipated to launch the next generation of Macbooks at an event on 27 October. APPLE is reportedly preparing to add your trusty old iPhone 4 to its "obsolete list" - making it potentially worthless.

IS kills 11 workers at north Iraq power plant
The Pentagon said that a USA service member was killed in a bomb blast while supporting the Iraqi forces' advance. Militants also attacked the village of Qutan where they took over a school and made a speech in the local mosque.

Hillary Clinton knew that some parts of her speeches would bear heavy on her campaign. "The Flint package and the energy bill amendments would come to a vote only after the Senate gets unanimous consent to some procedural maneuvers", wrote Dana Chasin, a policy expert with the Clinton camp. "Please don't share or tell anyone I did this", Thrush said.

The email is thought to have been hacked by Russian government agents before being given to WikiLeaks. And she said the word sorry.

The unassuming 36-year-old Columbia University grad's success in politics, the Los Angeles Times wrote in July, "reflects the changing nature of campaigns, in which swashbuckling strategists are becoming less of an asset than disciplined data nerds who can build a loyal and effective campaign operation the way a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur might". She's taken Atlantic drilling off the table, and the president has followed up on that. Obama developed a real feud with Bibi [Netanyahu], but she has been a staunch defender of Israel since her Senate days. "That includes a tenfold increase in production of renewable energy from public lands and waters".

Donald Trump, of course, has suggested climate change is a Chinese hoax and threatened to "cancel" the Paris agreement.