Tom Cruise's filmography under 10 minutes

Tom Cruise left and Cobie Smulders appear in a scene from

Unfortunately for Jack Reacher, average doesn't cut it in this day and age and this movie creaks under the weight of all of the explosions and vehicle chases gone by.

Jack Reacher goes on the run to clear his name, and in the process discovers a secret from his past.

Other films in the pantheon include his film-stealing cameo in Tropic Thunder, his breakout role in Top Gun, and as a rockstar in musical Rock Of Ages.

The 2012 film's sequel "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" has hit some of the screens worldwide, and the producer would love to make more parts of the action thriller.

The greatest strength and weakness of this series lies in its star.

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If you weren't, well, consider it CliffsNotes for when "Career of Tom Cruise" is a midterm question in CNTV-101.

Jack Reacher has lost a bit of his swagger. Turner is written as a strong, kick-ass female character that's able to hold her own in a fight just as much as Reacher can, but she's still forced to play second fiddle to Cruise's action hero for a majority of the story. After all, when you're one of the biggest stars on the planet, it's usually a one-man show.

While I don't believe the time has fully passed for Jack Reacher and his ilk, I do think you have to be something exceptional to stand out.

"I'm not ready, but I'll do it", Cruise said laughing. Following the impressive Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation past year, arguably one of Cruise's most impressive action films to date, Never Go Back isn't able to be almost as memorable or entertaining as some of his other, more recent outings. Reacher prefers to walk alone, but "Never Go Back" proves he's better off with his old friends.