Trump says he will accept election result - if he wins


It was all meant to be harmless banter and self-deprecatory humour, but when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off, some bad blood is inevitable. At a high profile annual Catholic charity roast in NY on Thursday night, when Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton poked fun at each other, it was both personal and political, and often touching a raw nerve. Clinton was the first one to laugh when Trump joked that she had bumped into him earlier in the night "and she very simply said "Pardon me" - an unsubtle reference to the Republican nominee's frequent declarations that his opponent should go to jail. "Even better than my temperament".

Trump called Clinton "Crooked" on Twitter. But, as in the debates, she was at her best and most likable when she was at her most brutal: when she said Trump would rate the Statue of Liberty on the one-to-10 scale or when she joked that Rudy Giuliani started his career going after rich people who avoided paying taxes and now goes on Fox News praising them.

"Though I do trust we can keep the turnout amongst deceased and fictional voters to a minimum, I have come out on both sides of elections and I have never lost my confidence in the judgment of the American people", he said. The depth of its dislike for Clinton comes through in this report in the New York Post, via Debra Heine of PJ Media, that members of her security detail privately snickered after she fell down and broke her arm. "After the benediction Donald will let us know whether this dinner is over...." This may have been his way of saying he isn't surrendering in advance until he sees what the facts are-essentially what Trump said yesterday in the inevitable walkback of his response. The candidates have been on the campaign trail attacking the other, and the three presidential debates have proven to be more childlike than actual discussion on policy.

"After the little prayer, Mr. Trump tuned to Secretary Clinton and said, 'You know, you are one tough and talented woman, ' and he said this has been a good experience", Dolan told NBC's "Today" on Friday. With each negative comment that the Republicans make about Trump, they lose an opportunity to describe the failures of President Obama and liberalism, discuss the virtues of the Republican agenda, or demonstrate the importance of the next President's appointees to the Supreme Court.

But the most genius part of her time behind the mic Thursday night wasn't her prepared jokes at all.

- "People look at the Statue of Liberty, and they see a proud history of a nation of immigrants - a beacon of hope for people around the world. Maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair".

Hillary Clinton: "This is such a great event, that I took a break from my vigorous nap schedule".

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"I will look at it at the time", he said during the high-stake showdown in Las Vegas. Ms. Clinton's paid speeches to Wall Street executives have been controversial.

Trump could try to bring a legal claim without first asking for recount by alleging, for instance, that an abuse of power by an election official, said McCurry, who's law firm represented Ted Cruz in the Republican primary before McCurry joined the practice.

"Michelle Obama gives a speech and everyone loves it".

"Everybody is concerned that elections could be rigged", said Patrick Walsh, a Trump supporter from Boston, adding that he thinks voting rules are too lax. "My wife Melania give the exact same speech and people get on her case".

Further, Republicans are violating the same order they are hypocritically preaching to Mr. Trump: President Reagan's "11th commandment" for Republicans to not disparage fellow Republicans.

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told reporters before the event that while Trump may have had an advantage in OH after Labor Day, Clinton has since closed the gap with her debate performances and the campaign's push to register voters and get them to vote early.