Trousdale turns out big for early voting

North Carolina voter Grace Bell Hardison

Tennant said that during the primary election this year, there were 100,962 ballots cast, setting a record for early voting during a primary election.

Both candidates are in the must-win state of Florida today where early voting is underway, and some are still undecided. In Mecklenburg, the 10 sites now open expand to 22 sites on Thursday.

According to Cameron County elections officials, 6,539 voters cast ballots on Tuesday. Turnout increased in the Wisconsin capital of Madison, is expected to double in Minnesota, and has already doubled in Chicago.

They accounted for 47.7 percent of the total when early votes were combined with returned absentee ballots.

Party registration is available to see from the early ballots and can be a rough indicator of vote preference, but is not the vote - it is merely how people have registered.

Early voting in Cameron County is breaking records, with almost as many votes cast on day two as there were on the first day of early voting.

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Mitch Stewart, founding partner of 270 Strategies and a former Obama state director in 2007-'08, told the "Keepin" It 1600' podcast yesterday the Clinton campaign is behind where Obama was in early voting in the swing states of OH and Iowa. Early voting can also be done from 10 a.m.to 2 p.m. Saturday at the County Courthouse.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 and all voting will be done at voting precincts. "So once in-person early voting started in North Carolina, the Democrats took the lead in the early vote".

Taking almost 56 percent of the early and absentee vote in 2008 helped Democrat Barack Obama to a 14,177-vote victory in the state. The department's election day program is created to further these goals, seeking to ensure the public's confidence and integrity in the election process.

"Waiting until the deadline may not provide sufficient time for voters to receive their ballots and send them back on time", the spokespersons said. In 2012, women turned out to vote at a higher rate than men.

Election officials recommend that voters read informational material ahead of time, especially since there are 20 proposed city charter amendments on the ballot.