Donald Trump Ends Active Fundraising Operation

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

With less than two weeks to go before the November election, Texas Republican officials are in radio silence over mention the name of Donald Trump, for fear of endangering their election chances or those of their friends.

Trump's route to 270 includes Texas, the second most-populous state, and a bunch of bright-red southern states such as Alabama and Mississippi.

Mnuchin said the Trump campaign made a decision to keep the candidate's final weeks focused on taking his message to the voters in person rather than on raising money. He continues to raise money and appear with candidates across the country.

In total, the $32 million in new money for the PAC is likely to even the playing field as Democrats largely outspend them in most states.

Multiple House Republicans say if someone wants to challenge the speaker they are entitled to make their case, and they should use the use the current system to appeal to colleagues as to why they would be a better candidate. Events organized by Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee between the party and the campaign, had brought $40 million to the Republicans' pocketbook as of September 30, according to the Post. The Crossroads network has borne much of the advertising brunt this fall given meager advertising from presidential candidate Donald Trump and a retrenchment from the airwaves this October by the groups funded by Charles and David Koch.

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"If someone were to challenge him they would certainly get some support but wouldn't come anywhere close enough to win", Oklahoma GOP Rep. Tom Cole, a strong ally of Ryan's, told CNN, insisting the Wisconsin Republican is "the odds-on favorite as long as he runs again".

Trump's race for the White House has benefited the GOP establishment, bringing millions of dollars to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

When asked by the Post about the remaining $44 million, Mnuchin said Trump "has been very supportive of the campaign with his contributions".

If Trump wins these states, he will be the next president of the U.S.

Republican congressional candidates are increasingly seeking voters' support by saying they will check the agenda of a President Hillary Clinton. She thinks the one wild card the Republicans have to play would be the large projected Obamacare premium hikes for next year.