Trump Has Gotten The Republican Party Sued For Trying To Intimidate Voters

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Democrats seem certain to gain House seats on Election Day, but Republicans are expected to retain a majority in the chamber.

Donald Trump's campaign manager is defending his "pit stop" in Washington to preside at the formal opening of his new luxury hotel blocks from the White House. "Right now Republicans are really excited to talk about Obamacare and the problems and failings and how it's hurting people". "And we're going to start with real ethics reform". He continues to raise money and appear with candidates across the country.

But there are few signs of Trump becoming defensive enough in Texas to spend much time or money to protect that GOP turf.

As for Clinton, her lead in other key states means she can win the presidency without Florida, but the most direct route to the White House runs up the state's I-95 corridor, home to hundreds of thousands of persuadable swing voters of all demographics. After comments previous year that he wouldn't donate to his party's campaign committee because it recruits and supports gay candidates, Democrats have capitalized on the opportunity with challenger Josh Gottheimer, a former Clinton speechwriter. Republicans don't have that advantage of help from the top of the ticket - but then again, they surely wouldn't want their candidates on stage with Trump either.

Instead of actually campaigning with his Wisconsin Republicans, Ryan, smartly, has been providing other services for them.

"Things are not good ... the Senate is gone", said one Republican aide who asked not to be identified in order to candidly discuss the turbulent outlook for the 2016 campaign.

As GOP Sen. Dan Coats retires, Democratic candidate Evan Bayh, a former IN governor and USA senator, is leading Republican candidate Rep. Todd Young 45% to 41% IN the RealClearPolitics average. But that could change after the election results are in, and House GOP members are bracing for double-digit losses.

Senate, House will stop Trump's ideas
If Trump is to defy the pollsters in the campaign's closing two weeks, he will have that fact to thank. "We have it. Likewise, Clinton isn't pulling out the stops for an upset. "Enthusiasm counts", Wiles told Politico .

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Republican senators "are not going to pass it", Cuomo said of his agenda at a Manhattan fundraiser hosted by the Democratic leadership Tuesday.

Nehlen, however, is the longest of long shots, and it's nearly certain many House Republicans won't take his bid seriously.

- A new ad by the American Action Network, which backs House Republicans, morphs a picture of Michigan Democratic House candidate Lon Johnson into Clinton and says both have "taken a fortune from special interests". "Trump will sign just about anything he passes". As the chair of the Republican Convention, they recognize that he had to stay out of the primary race.

But the campaign must proceed cautiously over the final weeks of the presidential race or risk lulling Democrats into a false sense of security, specialists say.

Even if the Democrats win the Senate majority this election, the Washington Post reminds us that in 2018, 25 Democratic or Democratic-affiliated independents will be up for re-election, compared with just eight Republicans, meaning that a majority win in this election could be short-lived.

Earlier Tuesday, the Cook Political Report predicted that some of the endangered Republican Senate incumbents won't survive the political damage done by the leaked 2005 "Access Hollywood" video of Trump crudely bragging about groping women. "They knew better but didn't say anything". In the House, they are now on track to add about a dozen seats, and pickups in the high teens or low 20s are quite possible.