Winner Candice Brown hails 'amazing' Bake Off as programme's BBC era ends


The Great British Bake Off fans are today in mourning as the popular bakery show aired for the last time on the BBC when the victor was revealed.

"It's not in my nature to be mean, I'm not that sort of person at all, but I thought, if I just answer back in a way like tweeting, 'Well okay, I hope you have a lovely day today, ' and, 'You don't spell my surname like that, it's spelt this way, ' that would actually help me".

Take our hugely important quiz, and see if you can remember what shade she was wearing for each week of GBBO.

The P.E. teacher, who has become famous for her coloured lipstick during each episode, added she would have no qualms about taking part in the Bake Off experience over again. "In fact, I can't stop smiling".

She said: "We've already seen how internationally appealing dancing has been, so we're confident that the multi-tasking opportunities and pitfalls that singing adds to the mix will see many other countries wanting to emulate the entertainment values this series affords viewers everywhere".

Ms Brown admitted that she entered the competition lacking confidence in her abilities.

As a result, Wednesday night's finale became an unintentional swansong for Mel, Sue and Mary Berry - who all chose to leave the show as a result of the move.

But it was her bakes that really dazzled - from the gingerbread recreation of the pub she grew up in, complete with sticky ginger cake carpet, to the marzipan peacock with a blueberry surprise inside she baked in Tudor Week.

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John Whaite, who won the show in 2102, has published several best selling books, has a regular slot on Lorraine, has appeared on the cover of Attitude magazine and has recently opened his own cooking school.

"I love all things vintage and I love France and Jane spent quite a long time in France doing various different bits and pieces", she said.

"My other half Liam laughs and says "oh people are looking" but when people come over and they speak to me they want to have a conversation and they say good luck".

Following the keen baker's win, eagle-eyed fans spotted a ring on the third finger of her left hand in a recent picture on Instagram and suggested she might be engaged to her long-term boyfriend Liam.

'Since leaving the Royal Ballet twelve years ago, Mel is really looking forward to getting back on her points and showing the courageous Comic Relief celebrity dancers how to split leap and ball change, ' she said of herself in the third person.

It's not the first first time Candice Brown has narrowly beaten Andrew, after her gingerbread pub robbed him of Star Baker in week 2.

"The judges were not from the Food Technology department and don't know the students so they were completely impartial and I would like to thank them for giving up their time to do this".