New poll shows Trump leading Clinton


Clinton is strongest in Northern Virginia and the heavily Democratic communities outside Washington, DC where she leads by 43 points, the poll showed.

Trump is thanking disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner and the FBI's James Comey, for resuscitating his candidacy.

The poll also registered a seven-point decline for Mrs Clinton in the share of likely voters who are strongly enthusiastic about her.

We don't know whether any of the newly discovered emails contain classified information or will lead to the FBI's starting an official new investigation.

Clinton accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation of having jumped into the election "with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go". The FBI chief and the attorney general still have a good working relationship, the official said.

"I am sure they'll reach the same conclusion they did when they looked my email for the past year", Clinton said. "There is no case here".

In July, Comey concluded that Clinton and her staff were "extremely careless" with their handling of classified information, but that there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges.

The source said the two talked about "the seriousness of the ongoing matter" which has caused a political firestorm in the final days leading up to the November 8 election. He obviously decided it was better to make it public now than run the risk of finding something untoward against Clinton once she was in the White House, and he is probably right.

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The FBI has reportedly obtained a warrant to search the cache of emails belonging to Ms Abedin, which are believed to have been found on her estranged husband's laptop.

It's unclear whether the material on the device was from Clinton.

According to the FBI's summary of their April interview with Abedin, she told agents that after she left the State Department in 2013, Clinton's staff transitioned to a different email server and she "lost most of her old emails as a result".

"It is impossible to view this as anything less than a blatant double standard", Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said.

Intelligence agencies have linked Russian Federation to the hacking of Democratic groups during the campaign.

Ryan said he had voted for Trump in early voting last week, but that his position had not changed and that he had no plans to campaign with his party's nominee, instead focusing on maintaining Republicans' control of the House. When Comey cleared Clinton, Trump didn't have a kind word for him.

He is also using the new probe as fuel to reignite his campaign in places like MI, where he has been lagging in the polls.

Comey's announcement drew criticism from Democrats who accused him of not following the tradition of keeping investigations from the public's sight 60 days before presidential elections.