Florida Early Voting Nears 5.3 Million

Emotions run high in final days of the campaign

(Trump would say it is because they are secret!). "I've been through the Republicans and I've been through the Democrats ... and I feel like the Democrats are a little bit more important to black people".

Black voters make up 13.4 percent of Florida's electorate and are a core Democratic Party constituency. "You know what I'm talking about", he said.

"I think in this instance, for the first half of the year, people were concerned about the formal state policies and practices and, right now, folks are concerned about what may be happening on Election Day", she said.

Early voting has ended in Texas and elections officials across the state expect turnout numbers will break records. "I'm a student at NC State, so I didn't really have time", Nicholas Errico said, explaining why he waited until the last day of early voting. Only you can answer that question. By casting their ballots early, voters can relieve any anxiety they may have about the weather or transportation on Election Day, Nov. 8. Barack Obama carried the state by only 3%.

Merrimac Town Clerk Gwendolyn Lay estimated when all was over she would have about 1,400 early voters, plus another 200 absentee ballots.

Wisconsin residents who voted early in person can recast their ballot so long as they do so by Saturday, November 5, an election official told Business Insider.

"It's somewhat unusual", he said.

SIMON: You've been looking into some stories and reports that have flared up already of people who suspect vote fraud.

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Pence, Ryan urge Republicans to 'come home' for Trump
But Republicans are expected to lose seats in the next Congress, leaving him a potentially much thinner margin of victory. It was to be Trump's sixth Wisconsin event since he lost the state's primary election to Texas Sen.

Judge: Voter challenge process seems outdated
Once the deadline passed, groups and the candidates themselves quickly pivoted their focus toward Election Day . Making voting as hard of a process as possible is a way that some states have of legally suppressing votes.

And these new, everyday exit polls, unlike the National Election Pool, eagerly ask to be reported well ahead of the closing of the polls-indeed, even before the opening of the polls on Election Day. According to a spokesman for the California Secretary of State, there are no ballot do-overs in California. On election night everyone will be waiting to see who can win 270 electoral votes which is the magic number for a win of the presidency.

North Carolina has been plagued by other problems since early voting began, including long lines at polling places.

One of the big turnout unknowns is how many people who have already voted early or by mail in Florida would have voted anyway at the polls on Election Day, and simply made a decision to vote a different way. School districts trying to pass levies, and cities and townships seeking either new money or keeping funds already in place to maintain services, need your vote.

The turnout in Travis County was about 49.5 percent by press time Friday evening, with 360,879 voters having cast their ballots since the start of early voting October 24.

Clerks have more work to do because of early voting, they all said. Clinton has a slight edge in Florida's recent polls, and the early voter turnout data so far puts her in a good spot.

That has prompted both campaigns to invest heavily in the state, both in persuading voters and, more recently, turning them out to cast ballots. Many of those interviewed agree with the Republican nominee's incendiary assertion that the election could be "rigged", an unprecedented challenge to the nation's democratic tradition.

I had a great time.

The same goes for Georgia, which has early voting but doesn't give voters a do-over if they have a change of heart, state officials said.