Hillary Clinton raises spirits of tired supporters in Detroit speech

Hillary Clinton raises spirits of tired supporters in Detroit speech

Instead of kicking him in the groin, or even making clear that as a pro-bono public defender she had no choice but to represent the child rapist, Hillary Clinton matter-of-factly brushed Trump's allegations aside.

But in new ads on Thursday, Trump hammered home the message that Clinton put America at risk by using a private email server while secretary of state, and that a renewed Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into the scandal shows she is "unfit to serve" - language Clinton often uses to describe her rival.

Trump has benefitted from the distraction and is seeing a boost in state and national polls. Trump said the FBI's fresh examination of emails that may be related to Clinton's use of a private email server for government work while she was secretary of state could lead to "a constitutional crisis".

The state opinion polls have found Florida as one of the most competitive among the swing states - those that are hotly contested because their voters can swing either to Republicans or Democrats.

Both campaigns are trying to rally turnout so they can win Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes as part of the 270 needed to win the presidency.

Clinton led Trump by 6 points in the poll in September, 45 to 39 percent.

Clinton urged supporters to stage "an intervention" with friends and family members who plan to vote for Trump by explaining to them that "anger is not a plan".

Shortly before Clinton took the stage on Saturday in Pembroke Pines, Fla., it began raining.

But Mike Vlacich, Clinton's state director and a seasoned New Hampshire political operative, said he expects Democrats to come out strongly for Clinton. "Do you think Bill was referring to Hillary when he said, 'I did not have sex with that woman?'" Mr Sununu cracked, drawing laughter from the crowd. "Hillary goes out for rallies and yesterday I think she had 200 people, maybe 300". Melania Trump did deliver a speech this week in Pennsylvania. "This is a movement which is inspiring and inclusive".

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South Koreans rally, call for president to quit
Tens of thousands of people rallied in Seoul on Saturday calling for the resignation of Park. Park has pledged to cooperate with prosecutors in an investigation.

Giuliani suggests he knew about Federal Bureau of Investigation email review before it became public
It's like a VIP list and Huma Abedin in her Federal Bureau of Investigation interview said to agents, 'Every time Mrs. Clinton changed her address, I had to tell the White House to make sure his devises would accept it.

Later in the day, at a Katy Perry concert Saturday in Philadelphia, Clinton noted that 37.5 million people have voted in the early polls.

The state hasn't sent a Republican to the White House since George H.W. Bush in 1988, but the unprecedented candidacy of Donald Trump may change that tradition. Obama has hit a campaign blitz this week.

There are an estimated 225.8 million eligible US voters. While black turnout has been soft compared to four years ago Latinos-who are usually under-polled-appear to be registering and voting at higher levels than before.

With just days before the United States votes for a new president, the two candidates are spending their remaining time on the campaign trail and sticking to their well-rehearsed rhetoric. "If I spoke the way Obama spoke to that protester, they would say "he became unhinged.'" During the event in Fayetteville, NC, Obama was confronted by a protester carrying a Trump placard, sparking an uproar from the crowd". Ms Ayotte withdrew her endorsement of Ms Trump last month, and Mr Sununu has kept an awkward distance from Mr Trump in his closely divided state.

"Lock her up. Lock her up", the crowd shouted.

Clinton was accompanied by singer and actor Jencarlos Canela, and Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin. At the New Hampshire rally, former New Hampshire governor John H. Sununu joked that Clinton's husband does not want to have sex with her. Cuban voters have historically favored Republicans, but younger generations have shifted toward Democratic Party candidates.

CBC online: Our day starts first thing in the morning at CBCNews.ca with news and analysis. Trump's hope is that the polls have had it slightly wrong all along, or that a news cycle can still make a difference.

Trump's dark views on the economy clashed with a new jobs report showing the unemployment rate declined to 4.9 percent while wages went up in October. It includes 2,021 people who were considered to be likely voters from their voting history, registration status and stated intention to participate in the election.