Hillary Clinton's policy will mean 'generations of terrorism': Donald Trump

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3 opinion poll, 44 percent of likely voters supported Clinton while 39 percent supported Trump. The agency later said that someone near the stage had shouted "Gun!" but that a subsequent apprehension of a man and search revealed no weapon.

"You have this precious chance to shape history", he said.

Clinton's campaign has spent more than $267 million in television advertising through Election Day. "Michigan, you can make the difference".

The FBI's role in this election drew further scrutiny on Friday with the Washington Post and the Guardian reporting on an anti-Clinton atmosphere in the bureau that had spurred leaks against her and heightened internal tensions over the handling of the investigations into Mrs Clinton.

Nevertheless, the margin she enjoys over the Republican nominee remains small enough that it could be overturned over these final days.

Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton's defense of the Canadian health care system and the latter fired back when she campaigned with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who claimed being offended when Donald Trump allegedly weight-shamed her.

Mrs Clinton campaigned in Pennsylvania, Michigan and OH, hoping to reinforce her blue wall in the state-by-state electoral college that would block Mr Trump's path to the White House.

This comes just as Trump and his campaign work to improve his image after numerous sexual abuse allegations were made against him. "But here's what I want you to remember: I want to be the president for everybody".

Trump, whose campaign has divided the Republican Party, hasn't relied on Hollywood headliners, or even top leaders from his own party.

On Saturday night, Clinton will campaign with pop star Katy Perry in Philadelphia. The development is seen as particularly threatening for Clinton in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire that don't offer early voting.

New polling indicates a 'potential breach of Hillary Clinton's electoral firewall'
But his protectionist rhetoric - he has promised to review trade agreements - appears to be having mixed success in the Rust Belt. She has a double-digit lead with women in both, while Trump has a more modest lead with men.

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The two's characters tied the knot on-screen during the season 10 premiere . And I'm like, "Why am I denying this person that I love?"'

Barack Obama campaigning full-time for Hillary Clinton, says Donald Trump
Trump surged after the FBI revived a criminal investigation into her use of a private server while she was secretary of state. In a statement, Trump thanked the Secret Service, Reno and Nevada law enforcement for "their fast and professional response".

Ahead of Election Day on Nov 8, some "blue states", which have voted Democrats in the past few elections have narrowed, specifically New Hampshire, Silver pointed out.

Other speakers questioned Clinton's ability to lead.

Minnesota hasn't cast its electoral votes for a Republican since 1972.

The candidates are neck and neck in several key battleground states including Florida and North Carolina. A Republican nominee hasn't won MI or Pennsylvania since 1988.

She has gone from a seven-point cushion at the national level on October 18 to just 2.4 points, according to a polling average compiled by RealClearPolitics: 45.3% for her, compared to 42.7% for Trump as of Friday.

Her husband helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the country as a United Nations special envoy after the 2010 quake.

Clinton, meanwhile, announced plans to devote valuable attention to MI, another unlikely battleground where both she and President Obama planned to campaign on Monday.

"If we lose focus, we could have problems", Obama said.

Pence was also set to campaign in Wisconsin and Virginia on Saturday.

The Democrats' campaign chief, John Podesta, said Mr Trump should ask the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, to step down as the head of his transition team after two of his aides were found guilty of orchestrating traffic jams in New Jersey as an act of political retribution against a local Democratic mayor.