Pence hitting Holland Saturday as Mich. blitz continues


"This race is on", Pence told about 325 supporters who gathered for a campaign rally on a bright fall day in a machine shed at Bruere Farms in rural Warren County. "President Donald Trump will support the men and women that serve in law enforcement in this country". "You don't waste your time, you don't make frivolous trips just for kicks, you do it for success and victory and that's why Pence is here today". "Florida is coming together", Pence said. The campaign seems a little more confident about its chances here than it might ought to be: Along with Quinnipiac, almost every poll of the last few weeks has Clinton with a small but enduring lead.

Pence was at Rock Springs Center on Friday urging eastern North Carolinians to get to the polls and vote "in one of the most historic elections ever". Pence said. "Let me just encourage you to have faith - faith in the American people". "That is reason enough to reject her as the next president of the United States in this election".

Pence said Trump has momentum on his side.

Clinton not only brings her brand of corruption to the White House, Pence said, but also continues the policy failures of Barack Obama.

Ireland shock All Blacks 40-29 for first time in 111 years
All Blacks coach Steve Hansen paid tribute to the victorious Ireland side saying they were "outstanding" and "deserved the win". Twice Jerome Kaino, such a force with a No 6 on his back, was held up by Irish defenders and forced to concede a scrum.

Daylight Savings 2016 Fall: What You Need To Know For Sunday Night
BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA -This weekend we can sleep in an extra hour as we "fall back" into Standard Time and longer nights. He said it takes about a day for people to readjust to the time change, and could take some people up to a week.

The clearing of the Calais Jungle camp was unsuccessful, despite reports
Flames enveloped the main alley through the camp overnight, reducing shelters to skeleton-like hulks on either side of the road. The evacuation of Calais' "Jungle" camp has come to an end, said Pas-de-Calais prefect Fabienne Buccio on Wednesday.

Pence, whose son, Michael, is a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, discussed the killing of four Americans in Benghazi when Clinton was the secretary of state and Clinton's response of "What difference does it make?" when asked by a senate committee about the U.S. State Department's initial claim that the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi was the result of an anti-Muslim movie. Pence said, if elected, trump will focus on national security and fighting ISIS, lowering business taxes and rebuilding America's military.

"It's wheel to wheel coming out of the fourth turn here in MI, we're going to hammer down straight to the checkered flag, and we're going to bring home a great victory with your help", said Pence.

"The truth is there are millions of Americans who know we can be stronger, more prosperous, and we can do it all in a way to honor our nation's highest constitutional ideas", said Pence.

"We are not going to relent until we do our part..."