Chicagoans Shatter Early Voting Records, Facing Hours-Long Lines

Blanca Mesa of Miami holds a sign protesting Sen. Marco Rubio’s statements on climate change. CREDIT AP  Lynne Sladky

Voters wait to cast ballots during early voting last month in Raleigh, North Carolina. There had been long lines all day outside the Elections and Voter Registration Office in downtown Columbia.

-More than 70,000 African-American Floridians voted early, a 9.2 percent increase over 2012.

"If there's a line when closing time comes, we just keep processing voters until there's no more line", he said.

Gash added that the Tenth Democrats will have 125 lawyers roaming the district on Election Day to make sure that "everyone who is entitled to vote is actually allowed to vote".

But others said that this election is different, meaning long lines are a distinct possibility. But as far as the presidency is concerned, the early voting statistics-how many registered party members voted, their gender breakdown and race-show that women and minorities have been surpassing 2012's turnout in nearly every state, suggesting they will propel a Clinton victory.

"The primary thing I think is really to make sure that people that want to go out and vote, that are registered to vote don't have any impediment to casting their vote", said Rob Pocahapsky, a Durham attorney who will be watching the polls. The Princeton Election Consortium says Clinton will win 90 more Electoral College votes than Trump.

The early turnout in Miami-Dade is 55 percent and in Broward is 52 percent - both above the statewide average. You can not take a picture of a voter casting their vote.

GOP hopes to overcome early vote deficit for Nevada victory
But the gains made by Hispanics so far on this election cycle could presage what's to come across the political landscape. Trump has been full of surprises since he began his campaign a year ago. "When you vote, we reject fear.

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Lauren Beth Gash, founding chair of the Lake County-based Tenth Congressional District Democrats, said her organization is hoping for big turnout numbers and supports the early-voting and vote-by-mail options. "Further, the connected weaknesses of Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross, and Roy Cooper when combined with the clear Democrat voter apathy, shows the once dynamic Obama Coalition crumbling and exhausted".

Statewide, more IL residents voted early this year than in any other year on record, the Associated Press reported.

The State Board of Elections released totals Monday showing the number of voters who cast in-person ballots through Sunday was approaching 1.3 million.

There are 1.5 million registered voters in Miami-Dade county (56 percent of whom are Hispanic), including almost 30,000 added during a last-minute voter-registration drive in October, after Democratic Party officials went to court to extend the deadline in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The figure is even higher when all ballots, including those by mail, are counted, the AP reported.

More than 6.4 million Floridians cast their vote during the October 24-Nov.