Donald Trump Wins the Election


Hillary's announcement was downright humble compared to how Donald Trump announced his campaign.

While Green has called it for the Republican, some United States media outlets are yet to announce a Trump win.

The 2016 campaign has been one of the ugliest in American history.

By Tuesday evening, there was little left for Hillary Clinton to do but wait, and prepare for word of whether she'd be picked as the first woman to serve as USA president.

When Trump took to the stage to accept the presidency, he complimented Clinton on a tough campaign.

He needed to win almost all of the competitive battleground states, and he did just that, claiming Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and others.

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Trump shot back: "Because you'd be in jail". "I pledge. that I will be president for all Americans".

Clinton did not give a formal concession speech. And this time, their early release of tomorrow's NY Daily News cover on Twitter said what many of us are thinking: HOLY SH*T THIS HAS TO BE A BAD DREAM.

"It's been a long night and a long campaign", he added. "They are still counting votes and every vote counts, several states are too close to call so we are not going to have anything more to say tonight". At the last minute, Trump remembered to thank his vice-president-elect, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

Republicans have also secured majorities in the House of Representatives, the Senate and will probably get to reappoint a fifth Republican nominee to the supreme court - potentially leaving the new president with few checks and balances.

Donald Trump's road to the White House went through Pennsylvania, and the state clearly delivered for the Republican in one of the nastiest and hardest-fought presidential battles the state has witnessed.

When finally a call went out from the Clinton camp, it was from the Democratic candidate herself to the NY businessman, who claimed the presidency in a stunning outcome fueled by disaffected white, working-class voters who saw Clinton as an embodiment of the political establishment they disdain.