Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Phoenix on Sunday


Former Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is urging Wisconsin residents for vote for his onetime rival, Hillary Clinton, in next Tuesday's election.

"She was in SC trying to get African American male teenagers, we're talking 13 and 14 years old, out of adult prisons", said Pres. Bill Clinton. Earlier in the day Clinton will speak — without the other two — at Pitt County Community College in Winterville. North Carolina is considered a battleground state for the White House.

Clinton is favored in MI and Colorado, but they have been targeted by Republican Donald Trump's campaign.

Clinton spoke in Denver's Five Points neighborhood and Pueblo.

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"If it wasn't for Bernie I wouldn't be running", she told The Colorado Independent in a recent story about her race.

"Donald Trump is doing everything he can to intimidate voters", Sanders said.

Rees-Mogg a Joke or a new Leader?
Despite all the critics around him, Rees-Mogg is making big steps in the race using all the scandals around him as extra scores. Conservative thinking in its very hard right determination is making his person attractive for the UK conservative fans.

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Trump Takes Texas, Clinton Wins New York
Clinton will address supporters at the Javits Centre in Manhattan, while Mr Trump holds an event at the Hilton Midtown hotel. This is a double win for him because in addition, the House of Representatives and the Senate remains in Republican majority.

While he didn't directly address the comments, Senator Sanders made a plea for those uninspired by the Clinton campaign.

The closest Sanders got to the email controversy was to say the media focuses way too much on the problems surrounding the candidates and not enough on the issues facing the American people. Clinton's campaign has already announced plans to advertise in both states.

"Not even Sanders can do the impossible - spark enthusiasm for a chronically dishonest candidate under FBI investigation", RNC spokeswoman Lindsay Jancek said in a statement.

Clinton also said, with so many issues facing the nation, the public's decision on November 8 is about much more than her race against Donald Trump. "I've supported him, never waivered, from day one", said Cecilia Greenhalgh, a Trump supporter. "More damage than we think", said Anne Pinkney from Rochester.

"Let me remind you", Sen.

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight website on Tuesday gives Clinton a 79.5 percent chance of carrying MI, down from 92.6 percent on October 18.