Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi conquer the Mannequin Challenge

The US election result prompted a global market sell-off with stocks plunging across Asia and Europe

One of the biggest and most historic Election Days is finally here.

Former President Bill Clinton froze mid-smile, Jon Bon Jovi in mid-strum, and the Democratic presidential nominee and her top aide Huma Abedin didn't move.

Springsteen has been a staunch critic of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, stating "he will not win" at a question and answer session promoting his book, Born to Run, at New York City's Town Hall. Caption 4: Jon Bon Jovi performs during a Hillary Clinton campaign event at Independence Mall on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 in Philadelphia. "I know how much responsibility goes with this", Clinton said.

Although the rocker hasn't been as politically active this election, he's made it clear that he is tremendously opposed to a Donald Trump presidency.

"I don't think people go to musicians for their political points of view", Springsteen expained. "And the truth is that Hillary Clinton has done this over her entire career", Gaga explained.

3 states OK recreational pot; 2 toughen gun control laws
Voters in Washington state were considering a proposal to raise the minimum wage, now $9.47 an hour, to $13.50 hourly by 2020. Before Tuesday, 25 states had already legalized cannabis in some way, whether for medical or recreational uses , or both.

Mixed reaction to Trump from prominent Muslim Americans
In 2000, estimates showed president-elect George W Bush carried as much as 72% of US Muslim voters . In Dhaka, some citizens hoped the pressure of office would temper Trump's views.

Anti-Trump protesters march through Philadelphia
Similar numbers marched in NY and in Oakland, California, and hundreds also took to the streets in Seattle and Los Angeles . One of Trump's campaign pledges was to build a wall along the border with Mexico to keep out undocumented immigrants.

Will Clinton hit an angry-white-men roadblock on her way to the White House, or will Trump be immortalized as the sorest loser in American history? "This is a concert about peace, and we are trying to elect - we are going to elect - a president that is going to keep America the great country that it is and has the potential to be", said Madonna.

But it was again Michelle Obama who stole the show, reaffirming her newfound status as the Hillary's supporter in chief.

"Florida is really important and here's the thing", said Kaine.

Polls in the New Hampshire towns of Dixville, Hart's Location and Millsfield opened just after midnight Tuesday and closed as soon as everyone had voted. The evening was punctuated with musical performances from longtime Democratic Party mainstays Springsteen and Bon Jovi, each of whom hails from nearby New Jersey and packs a powerful celebrity punch with locals.

Her husband was next up, telling the massive crowd: "I'm betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you will choose hope".