At UN talks, Trump win sparks fears climate aid will fizzle

Getty Images Donald Trump

It also highlights the resolve of the of Pakistan to remain fully committed to the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the statement said.

Ahead of the COP22 climate talks in Marrakesh, Morocco, Danish Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt said there is plenty of reason to worry about what Donald Trump's election will mean for the historic climate deal struck a year ago in Paris.

"Action by the global community will not stop because of the new government of the United States".

"If we are going to lose American climate leadership over the next four years, then the European Union must now work with other champion countries, such as China, the High Ambition Coalition and the world's vulnerable countries, to secure not just the Paris Agreement, but a sustainable future for the whole planet", he added.

The agreement obliges member states to keep global warming below 2 centigrade regarded as the threshold for safety by experts and scientists.

The accord, which seeks to phase out greenhouse gas emissions this century with a shift from fossil fuels, says in its Article 28 that any country wanting to pull out after joining up has to wait four years.

Some have raised concerns that without involvement and financial support from the United States, emerging economies like India may feel inclined to back out.

The climate change conference is concentrating on how governments & business can collaborate to reduce carbon emissions.

Gallup's latest annual environmental poll found for example that 64 percent of United States adults worry a "fair amount" or a "great deal" about climate change, up from 55 percent past year.

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It is an ironic twist for the government of the world's second-largest economy.

But with its capital often choked by smog and its people angry about the environmental devastation that rapid development has wrought across the country, Beijing has become a proponent of efforts to halt global warming rather than a hindrance.

"I am confident China will take a lead role".

The Convention sets a goal of avoiding "dangerous" man-made damage to the climate to avert more heat waves, downpours, floods, extinctions of animals and plants and rising sea levels.

Beijing is innovating to build low-carbon cities, he said.

"We know that putting a price on carbon pollution is a way to improve our response to economic challenges, to create good jobs going forward and to show leadership that quite frankly the entire world is looking for, along with the solutions that go with it", Trudeau said in Sydney, N.S.

The upcoming election seemed to be on everyone's mind at the start of the two-week conference in Marrakech, where even security guards at the sprawling conference center were overheard discussing the potential implications for the world and efforts to fight climate change in particular.

Some delegates at the talks say that China is already setting an example.

Mpanu Mpanu said a US withdrawal would "hinder" but not stop the effort to raise climate money for developing countries.