Hillary Clinton says highest glass ceiling will be shattered one day


After a nasty campaign that culminated in the election of a 70-year-old billionaire and former reality TV star who has never held public office and who gained power on a populist platform, the message was: this is business as usual in a democracy. The Republican called Obama a "very good man" and said he looked forward "to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel".

Since the extraordinary election Obama has said he is "heartened" by Trump's vow to "heal" divisions, while Trump has said he has "great respect" for the President. As a result, the election results have triggered renewed criticism of the Electoral College, with many calling on lawmakers to dissolve it or to amend it so that electors cast their votes for the candidate that wins the most votes nationally - in this case, Hillary Clinton. Trump spent years challenging the legitimacy of Obama's presidency, falsely suggesting Obama may have been born outside the United States.

On the final day of the campaign, Clinton literally followed Obama to stand behind a podium with a presidential seal at a massive rally outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

"You heard his own words last night - to the extent that one man can as president, certainly Vice President Pence who's phenomenal, they're looking to unify the country", Conway said.

The two men ended the improbable and historic White House encounter with a handshake and refused to take questions, appearing to find common cause in their opinion of the press. A person familiar with the transition operations said the personnel process was still in its early stages, but Trump's team was putting a premium on quickly filling key national security posts.

Once her husband, Donald Trump, 70, is officially inaugurated as president, Melania will have a huge new role of her own, and she started the transition process by meeting with Michelle at the White House on November 10 while her husband took some pointers from Barack Obama. Melania Trump met separately with Michelle Obama.

There is likely to be another visit by Melania Trump to the White House prior to moving her family in.

The White House on Wednesday wouldn't rule out issuing a pardon to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution by the incoming administration over her use of a private e-mail server.

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Trump's attorney: Open to settling 'university' suit
Patrick Coughlin, an attorney for the former students who sued, told reporters that previous attempts at a settlement had failed. District Judge Jeffrey Miller has offered to act as a mediator, and Curiel encouraged the attorneys to consider it.

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"We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead", she said Wednesday in a concession speech.

Perhaps the greatest irony of modern American political history is that the most factually challenged presidential candidate of all-time was elected because he expressed the big truth more effectively than one cautious competitor after another.

Also on Trump's schedule were meetings with House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to discuss the GOP legislative agenda. "And over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world". What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren't paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair.

For Mr Trump will have disputed political legitimacy with some voters who plumped for Mrs Clinton or other candidates, with an uncertain mandate for the less prominent of his policy initiatives.

Seated next to Obama after their talks, Trump told reporters: "We really discussed a lot of situations, some wonderful, some difficulties". And we're looking at jobs. "We will move very strongly on health care".

Forming a cabinet. Trump transition team already launched a website, help wanted. He saw the cracks in the Democratic establishment's argument and tried to warn America that Mr. Trump was dangerously close to winning it all.

Donald Trump is being threatened with assassination as "bitter" Hillary Clinton supporters reject the new US President, the Daily Star of Scotland claims. But they liked that Trump spoke to them when they felt ignored - by the professional class, the Washington establishment and the media elites - and was willing to annoy and disrupt them all.