Huge spike in US web traffic before Canadian immigration site crash


By 2015, Canada and the US alone exchanged about $2.4 billion each day in an array of goods and services, from vehicles, fruits and vegetables to oil and gas.

Zillow said it saw a 1,200 percent spike in people Googling "Zillow Canada" after the election results came in Tuesday night (even though Zillow doesn't operate in Canada). Of particular concern to Canada is Trump's vow to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

In Atlanta, business coach Nancy Chorpenning, 62, said she and her husband are looking to move to Costa Rica sooner than their planned retirement because of the Trump victory.

Following the presidential announcement, Trudeau released his full statement on Twitter, a post which opened with congratulations for Trump. Trump awakened a movement of angry working-class voters. This was always the biggest benefit for Canada in the TPP and a successful conclusion to the Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement would be a huge win for the Canadian government and exporters alike.

"After Bush was elected in 2000, American applications spiked".

"The message was very clear to us: We do not comment on other peoples' elections", one MP, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the call, said afterward.

The MP suspected the "ghost of Carolyn Parrish" was hovering over the call. "I hate those bastards".

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"I'm not sure in what order we should do things - find jobs first or move", said Quinn, 35, whose Irish grandparents once immigrated to Canada.

On top of that problem, manufacturing companies with suppliers or customers in the United States may suddenly find themselves concerned about the future of those supply chains. "It's not that we're on one side of the table and the others are on the opposite side: we're both on the same side of the table now".

Canada's Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website crashed on USA election night when it was flooded with a huge increase in traffic from Americans looking for advice on how to move north, a government spokesperson said.

Voters have had their eyes on Canada since Trump took a lead in the Republican primary. Mulcair refused to repeat the word "fascist" and his party has taken down an online petition to bar Trump from entering Canada and tell him "that hate and discrimination are not welcome" here.

After the PM's address on the opening, he was questioned by reporters on the change in US leadership.

MacNaughton says NAFTA has worked well for all three countries - but acknowledges that every deal can be improved.