NH Democratic chair exploring run for DNC chief

NH Democratic chair exploring run for DNC chief

If some of the more prominent Democratic voices get their say, the man leading the charge at the party's national committee could be Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison.

"From his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, to his plan to deport 11 million immigrants, to his attack today on Minnesota's Somali-American community, Donald Trump's entire campaign has been built on fear and division", Ellison said after Trump's campaign swing through Minneapolis days before the election.

"You can't tell working people you're on their side while at the same time you're raising money from Wall Street and the billionaire class", Sanders told the Washington Post.

After losing the United States presidency in a stunning defeat, and failing to win either house of Congress in the 2016 elections, Democrats are looking ahead.

Schumer, of NY, in line to be the next party leader in the Senate, is backing Ellison's candidacy, according to anonymously sourced reports Friday in Politico and by NBC. The current chair, Donna Brazile, has said that she does not want to stay in the position permanently, which has opened the doors to new possibilities.

Sanders, by the way, is one of the political powerhouses who has endorsed the aforementioned Keith Ellison for the job.

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On Thursday, Dean argued that following Hillary Clinton's stunning loss to Donald Trump, the DNC needs a new strategy and new leader.

Previous Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned after leaked emails from the DNC revealed the organization's attempt to undercut Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost the hard-fought Democratic primaries to Clinton and continues to enjoy widespread support among voters, said in a statement.

Someone who's already had the job, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, said Thursday that he's interested in the job and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said he's considering it, too. "So you know, we've got to rebuild this party and I know how to do that". Under Dean, the Democrats regained control of the Senate and House in 2006 and then the White House in 2008.

While he said he was hopeful he would be able to work with the incoming Trump administration, he made clear that would not be likely.

The hesitation hasn't stopped liberal firebrand Bernie Sanders from supporting him. Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, was an early endorser of Sanders in the presidential primary.

Sanders called Hillary Clinton's defeat "a humiliation for the Democratic Party", noting that "White working-class people are deserting the party in droves". The answer starts with the selection of a new chair of the Democratic Party. He's so far to the left on some issues that even a few progressives might squirm a bit, like his support for reparations for the ancestors of slaves to help close America's gaping racial wound, but that's a good thing.