Obama, Trump meeting at the White House


Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine is making stops in Charlotte and Wilmington Monday.

"We are playing offense in every state, chief Clinton strategist Joel Benenson told "Fox News Sunday".

Since being chosen, Pence has returned to IN a few times, IN part to campaign for down-ballot Republicans, including IN late October when he showed up at a GOP event for Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, Todd Young and Trey Hollingsworth.

The race has reinvigorated questions about Pence's political future, with some suggesting he could run for president in 2020 and bridge the gap between "establishment" Republicans and Trump supporters, who have been at odds for much of the campaign.

"I think the Federal Bureau of Investigation did a good job of killing the momentum about a week and a half ago and now they have egg on their faces so let's see if that momentum redevelops in a day of two", a supporter told FOX25. However, "going forward, in terms of congressional work".

Pence has said, according to TIME, he thinks being gay is a choice and that prohibiting LGBTQ couples from marrying isn't discriminatory at all, it's just upholding "God's idea". Former president John F Kennedy was one of his early heroes.

Trump may be the purest "outsider" of them all.

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Obama and Trump met alone, without any staff present, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters afterward. In some ways, the women are entering the high-profile post under similar circumstances.

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That includes some members of the main opposition Nationalist Party's Central Standing Committee, party spokesman Hu Wen-chi said. He also believes that children of same-sex couples would find it hard to socialize with the children of opposite-sex couples.

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In an interview, Trump described Mr Pence as someone he would deploy to sell his agenda in Washington.

The state schools superintendent has been the only state office that Democrats have controlled the past four years, during which Superintendent Glenda Ritz has had frequent clashes with Republican legislators and Pence over education policy. "I can say there has been a heavy presence of the African-American community in Pitt County getting out to vote".

"Morning bike ride to kick off Election Day", Pence tweeted.

Pence addressed the crowd saying he was glad to be home in Indiana. "No more", writes Professor Crotty in an email to the Monitor.

Sean Hildebrand, a political science assistant professor disagreed and said that Pence did not necessarily help Trump claim IN but he did credit Pence with some contribution to Trump's overall national campaign. "Well, Mitch McConnell is the swamp", she notes in a phone interview with the Monitor.

A few people in Columbus say they think he will be the best to serve in the position from our state.

That may also be true across the aisle. They said Americans will see "a lot of familiar faces in the days and weeks and months to come", but insisted Trump's had been an outsider campaign, and that it would be "foolish" to assume the new government would be made up of just Washington insiders. And his close personal friendship with House Speaker Paul Ryan may be significant in promoting compromise within certain segments of the divided Republican Party.