One more win: Cleveland Indians look to end 68-year drought

World Series- Cleveland Indians v Chicago Cubs- Game Four

That's for good reason. The Cleveland Indians won Game 4 easily Saturday night, 7-2, to take a 3-1 lead in the series, reports the Chicago Tribune. This series has revealed one team to be disciplined, multifaceted and up to the task, and it's the one from Cleveland.

The Indians celebrate after a Jason Kipnis home run.

Although neither pitcher has been able to go deep into games as often as the coaching staff would probably like, they have kept opponents off the board for much of the postseason. The Chicago Cubs are the underdog favorites who haven't played in the World Series since the 1940s (and won since 1908!). USATSI In coin-flip terms, what are the Cubs' chances of coming back?

"It is not going to be easy", Montero said of the Cubs winning the World Series now.

Henceforth, this postseason we've seen Andrew Miller deployed as early as the fifth inning, the Kenley Jansen cruise missile fired in the seventh and an overall revolution in the way relievers are used. But now the Cubs, the best team in baseball and the one that had been on its heels all weekend, has spark again.

Aside from the benefit of the DH spot, which looks like a wash, and the home crowd, Francona pointed out the obvious advantage of having the final two games at The Jake.

There could be a championship celebration at Wrigley Field on Sunday, just not the kind the Chicago Cubs and generations of their long-suffering fans dreamed of seeing. That's not as promising as those overall "down 3-1" numbers, but it's still a bit better than the coin-flip outlook.

How often does the team up 3-1 close out the series in Game 5?

Hey, you can choose the glass half empty or the one that's half full.

However, the offense will have to do more if it wants to win more games. Stated another way, those 81 teams to go up 3-1 are 40-41 in Game 5. By the narrowest majority, these series go six or seven games.

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After the Cubs' Game 5 win with their backs against the wall, there were more media members staking out Ross' locker than anybody else in the room and he talked for nearly 20 minutes.

Jon Lester allowed two runs over six innings, then Carl Edwards Jr. put the tying run on base in the seventh.

It would seem the Cubs. Miller threw 27 pitches on Saturday after throwing 17 on Friday. On the other hand, maybe Danny Salazar is ready to make his presence felt in this series.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon made a decision to go with Chapman, who usually comes in for short-relief duty, after asking the hurler before the start of the game if he could go as early as the 7th inning. It's been working for us so far and one loss isn't going to make us question or rethink everything.

Chicago Cubs fans hang their heads during the during the ninth inning of Game 4 of the Major League Baseball World Series against the Cleveland Indians Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, in Chicago.

The Cubs are just happy to have some more baseball, and why wouldn't they be? What happened over the final three games of the series? 2B-Kipnis (2), Crisp (1), Fowler (5), Rizzo (4).

And no one more so than Schwarber, who was forced to sit and watch the Cubs lose two of three at Wrigley without making an impact because the team's medical staff refused to clear him to play the outfield. The stadium drew more than 67,000 people total for the three games at Wrigley, an average of more than 22,000.

This is relevant, of course. They have had two consecutive seasons that have been very fun and very successful during the regular season. How many of them were celebratory and how many hateful? It's been happening since Arizona beat the Yankees in seven games in 2002 after the regular season was delayed by the September 11 terror attacks.

Maddon's mom had driven two hours to Philadelphia International Airport, and her delayed flight didn't leave until about 90 minutes before game time.