Pakistan ratifies Paris climate change agreement

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At the moment, Trump's previous declaration of climate change as a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to undermine U.S. industry looks particularly poignant.

"China can take the place of the United States if the United States withdraws", from a leading role on climate change, she said.

However, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he would "cancel" the deal if he wins the election this week.

An EU source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: "Of course this is a factor if not a fear - that where climate policies are concerned, Trump's victory will probably make some parties feel empowered to start trying to reopen what has been agreed". This includes 84 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of independents and 40 percent of Republicans.

"Current pledges to reduce emissions are far too small to keep warming within the 2-degree limit", said Teresa Anderson, a policy officer for development agency ActionAid International.

Tax credits in the USA for wind and solar energy installation were recently extended for five years. Critically for the future of the US renewables industry, this is being accompanied by a rapid fall in the cost of technologies such as wind and solar, as well as significant innovation in technologies such as battery storage.

How President Trump Will Affect Clean Energy and the Climate Change Fight
Trump said he wants to " save the coal industry " and cut government spending on global warming programs. He's said he wants to tap into American shale gas and even build the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Major consumer goods businesses such as Walmart and Target have also committed to reducing emissions and are taking their suppliers with them in the process. "The Paris Agreement could be amended to have trade measures against countries which are not part of the deal", he said. The project has also provided the use of clean energy by installing solar panels and biogas digesters in different schools. A bipartisan group of 17 US state governors representing nearly 40 percent of the USA population recently agreed for example to co-operate on the deployment of clean energy and transportation solutions.

China worked closely with the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama to build momentum ahead of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a record $285.9bn was invested in renewables past year, with developing countries representing 55 percent of these investments.

After mentioning the importance of clean water and fighting disease, without linking those issues directly to climate concerns, he continued, "Perhaps we should be focused on developing energy sources and power production that alleviates the need for dependence on fossil fuels".

Delegates attend the COP22 global climate conference on 9 November 2016 in Marrakesh. The U.S.is the world's second-largest emitter, after China. "It seems undeniable that the United States will become a rogue state on climate change". "Is he conscious of what is going on with climate change?". A Trump administration can fly in the face of the whole world or they can sit down and work with us.

Trump wants to safeguard jobs in the USA coal and oil industries, saying the Paris Agreement would undermine the US economy.