Pilots ordered to avoid flying over Trump Tower in NYC

Pilots ordered to avoid flying over Trump Tower in NYC

The entrance to Trump tower - which sits near heavily trafficked luxury shops, including Tiffany & Co. and Gucci - has become a special challenge.

People can wave "Love trumps hate" signs or burn the American flag in protest outside Trump Tower, but don't even think about flying over what the Trump Organization calls "the most prestigious intersection in all of New York City". The flight restriction is necessary for "VIP movement" around town, the agency said. Military aircraft, the Secret Service and emergency aircraft are exempt. They apply to general aviation, not to commercial flights.

The fortifying of the President-elect's home is nothing new - eight years ago, President Barack Obama's daily routine in Chicago was turned on its head after he was elected, with Secret Service even stepping in when he attempted to get a haircut at his favorite barbershop.

The FAA generally issues temporary restrictions when there's a special event or hazardous condition.

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A large group of demonstrators once again gathered outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Thursday night.

The Secret Service also will handle Trump's personal security.

Trump's victory with 279 Electoral College (EC) votes to Hillary Clinton's 228 EC votes prompted student walkouts in several colleges in California, while in other west coast cities thousands took to the streets chanting: "Not my president".