Trump could pull out of global climate accord in a year-lawyers


In announcing this yesterday, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said Malaysia has pledged to a 45% reduction in its greenhouse emissions by 2030, and cut 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2020.

Trump wants to safeguard jobs in the USA coal and oil industries, saying the Paris Agreement would undermine the US economy.

Activists at COP22 and across the globe have acted in response to President-elect Trump's plans to "cancel" the Paris Agreement, amongst other detrimental environmental policies.

The election of climate change skeptic Donald Trump as president is likely to end the US leadership role in the worldwide fight against global warming and may lead to the emergence of a new and unlikely champion: China. The real challenge lies in ensuring that Paris agreement is able to avert catastrophic climate change and enhance climate resilience, especially among the poor and most vulnerable. As the richest nation on Earth and the second-largest polluter, the U.S.'s role in the Paris accord is critical, helping to secure participation from China, India and others. "It will - it takes four years to withdraw - if a country sought to withdraw from the agreement it takes four years", he told reporters.

"Mr. Trump should listen to the scientific experts on climate change and recognize that a clean energy transition is already underway". Once again, America's leaders will describe climate change as a hoax or as a non-threat. We have also uniquely appointed a Future Generations Commissioner, providing advice and scrutiny on all aspects of sustainable development and climate change. These principles are not just important for our decisions in Wales but also for our work with worldwide partners and key networks around sustainable development and climate change such as nrg4SD and The Climate Group.

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Donald's Trump election as the next USA president may thwart global efforts to effectively tackle climate change.

He said the media were important actors and instrumental in explaining what climate change was about so that people would understand it better and act accordingly to protect the environment. It also highlights the resolve of the Government of Pakistan to remain fully committed to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. "When Australia makes a commitment to a global agreement, we follow through and that is exactly what we are doing".

In the past year "national climate policies have made little progress, and the road ahead looks even less clear after the results of the US presidential elections", three European scientific groups said in a report of global trends.

As efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union have fallen into place, the GDP has only grown, preparing the member countries "for a new climate compatible economy", Faaborg-Andersen explained. As a result of this project, dozens of community-based tree nurseries promoting agri-forestry across the Mbale region have been created, which has raised the awareness of climate change for thousands of people, both in Uganda but also at home in Wales.

"With no additional policies, emissions in the United States will be flat until 2030", said Niklas Hohne, director of the New Climate Institute in Cologne, Germany and co-author of the analysis.