UFC 205 Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor - start time, date, full card

Conor Mc Gregor car

The featherweight champion is more optimistic about the outcome than his coaches who still expect a McGregor victory but not in emphatic first-round style.

That is with the exception of Alvarez demanding an apology from McGregor for things that were supposedly said in reference to Alvarez's family.

He believes his student will then capitalise late in the second round with a left hand to finish the fight in parallel with the Chad Mendes bout.

Despite being the 145lb world champion, McGregor's last two fights have been at 170lbs, but the former Cage Warriors lightweight champion could have found his flawless division at 155lbs and perhaps the conditioning issues surrounding him are due to fighting at the extremities of his weight.

Highly passionate MMA Journalist, and I've followed the sport ever since my favorite fighter, Vitor Belfort won the heavyweight tournament at UFC 12. McGregor will be challenging Eddie Alvarez (28-4) for the lightweight title on Saturday.

Another of Alvarez's former foes, Donald Cerrone, has also sided with team McGregor and the "Cowboy" would know having defeated Alvarez by unanimous decision. But it's easy to think that lots of people will be fighting not to lose rather than to win.

Through all those years and contests, Alvarez nearly always took on the best of the best.

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His reputation as a resilient rumbler who loves to get back up and take fights deep has been well earned and McGregor's favouritism with the bookies is not wholly shared among the fighting community.

Alvarez was embroiled in a number of verbal exchanges with McGregor before confidently stating: "I've always been the underground king in this sport". I'm now enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University working towards a degree in Communication.

Alvarez doesn't intend to go down that easily - or at all. "I'd spoke to Drake before the first Diaz fight - he reached out and messaged me - and we've been in contact since then", he said. We really didn't get to talk, I just wished him luck in the fight. It's going to be interesting!'

"I've got a fight". That for me is just a sign of desperation.

"I am prepared to completely destroy Conor McGregor and silence this whole damn crowd", Alvarez said while wasting no time. Most guys don't do that.

Despite his great footwork, Alvarez's "run forward" high pressure style makes him easy to hit.