Ditto Reportedly Now Available in Pokemon Go

About Pokémon GO

However, several Pokemon GO players across the globe have allegedly been catching Ditto, the purple shape-shifting Pokemon, starting Wednesday night.

As this may be good to hear even before the creature surfaces, "Pokemon Go" players may still not leave their own houses to search for the said inclusion to the system. Other than the Pidgey refusing to stay in its PokeBall, there was no indication that it was actually a Ditto in disguise.

You'll get a candy for every 3km you walk with a Ditto buddy.

In recent weeks, fans have seen numerous Pokemon GO updates aimed at making it a generally better experience. So how do you encounter one?

The first verifiable report was made to The Silph Road subreddit (no surprise, really), where a user named Kvothealar told fellow Redditors that a Rattata he caught just suddenly "transformed" into a Ditto. It can later reveal itself in its real form through a cut scene, when the player has successfully caught the monster.

Ditto has been discovered in Pokémon GO
The holiday and travel season is upon us, which makes it a lucrative opportunity to get Pokemon Go up to snuff ASAP. The best you could do is try these out and then let the community know how that turns out for you.

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Ditto can be caught using Incense, so presumably Lures will work as well although that's now unconfirmed.

We've seen numerous instances of these Pokemon transforming into Ditto after being caught, so take this as your big clue and start hunting down those Pokemon now. The post doesn't really tell us anything new, but at least now we know this is the real deal.

Ditto is harder to catch than the Pokemon it transforms into. Sometimes, we don't stick around for the cutscene.

After the surge of revenue from the Halloween event, Niantic seems to be releasing updates for Pokemon GO at a faster rate, though, so maybe the wait for the upgraded tracker tool won't take that long.

Another way of finding out is checking your Pokedex.