COP22 sees moves toward progress on Paris agreement

COP22 sees moves toward progress on Paris agreement

As Trump has said he would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, it is fathomable that under his leadership the USA will halt work toward clean energy.

On both the global and domestic sides, some experts are hopeful that Trump will take a more pragmatic view as he prepares for power and the realities of climate change, energy policy, and worldwide relations sink in.

The President-elect has widely been seen as a climate change skeptic. Among my numerous fears about his presidency is that so much progress on climate could go up in flames. Despite Trump's record on the issue, some in Marrakech are expressing cautious optimism that he could change his tune when he's in office.

The news that an avowed climate change denier had captured the US White House stunned participants arriving Wednesday at the 12-day talks in Marrakesh, which run from November 7 to 18. "But now that the election campaign has passed and the realities of leadership settle in, I expect he will realize that climate change is a threat to his people and to whole countries which share seas with the US including my own".

Initiative 732, as it was called, actually saw considerable resistance from the environmental left, which felt that revenues from such a measure should be used to advance other social causes, rather than be returned to taxpayers.

Many US conservatives and business chiefs have downplayed the impact of climate change, and say that the new regulations have hampered profits.

"We have to wait and see whether the new USA government will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but no matter what happens in the new government of the United States, I think China will continue our action and will continue participating in the global multilateral process".

"The climate change question transcends politics and concerns the preservation of our livelihood, dignity and the only planet on which we all live". However, the Moroccan Foreign Minister said that there is confidence that all parties will fulfill their responsibilities and stay their course in this collective effort. And the world may just keep pursuing its own actions under the agreement regardless of the tack the USA takes. Negotiators there watched the results of the presidential election closely. Or it could claim that because Obama issued an executive agreement to join Paris, an executive agreement can untangle the United States from it.

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Trump defied almost every expectation to emerge with the victory in a divisive and long USA presidential race, defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"The election of President Trump is clearly a major threat to our climate and future wellbeing of generations to come". "Listening to the population of the United States, we hope that the president will be open-minded and not make rapid decisions that will be not only detriment to the United States but also to the rest of the world", she added.

Sandalow added that the USA dropping out of the Paris process could be a boon to its other biggest participant in terms of its emissions - China.

"The Paris agreement prohibits any exit for a period of 3 years, plus a year-long notice period, so there will be four stable years", she said.

"With the ratification, Pakistan has become 104th country to ratify the agreement, which entered into force earlier this month", the statement said.

"If Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement there would be a political cost".

Trump may find it easier simply to oppose President Barack Obama's domestic plans to reduce USA emissions by between 26 and 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.