EPA chief: Progress under Obama won't be undone by Trump

Trump Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson appear as allies in dismantling EPA

Of course, this would nearly certainly lead to weaker standards and even more damage to the environment van der Vaart purports to protect.

Dan Crawford, director of governmental relations for the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, said he was anxious about Ebell's potential to be appointed as director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Multiple reports by the EPA's own inspector general and the Senate and the House show McCarthy has repeatedly violated federal law and EPA guidelines by collaborating with activist groups to lobby for laws and regulations restricting the oil and gas industry.

Ebell is not a scientist and has no degrees or qualifications in climate science.

Trump is president-elect of the United States, bringing concern to many that much of the work to protect and preserve our natural environment will be undone. EPA hires pseudo-scientists to support any directive it chooses, continuously stifling the USA economy at the behest of radical environmental lobbyists, who largely control the agency.

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"I'm hoping that doesn't completely derail all the progress we've made", he said.

Along with Trump's talks of dismantling the EPA, he also plans to immediately do away with the controversial Clean Power Plan that two dozen states have sued the feds over.

He said despite Tump's promises, the expanding market for cheaper renewable resources will block increases in coal production. "No one is going to make a new coal plant and eventually the market is going to make coal obsolete".

Eight years ago, "developing countries pointed a finger at us" over USA refusal to act against climate change, McCarthy said.

We are counting on state and federal agencies to do their jobs - enforce our long standing environmental laws and protect the people of North Carolina and the nation as a whole.