New Jersey governor's race heats up with new candidate


Christie has said he was sure the bridge scandal played some role in him losing out on the vice presidential slot.

Still, five of the 10 downgrade announcements came in 2014 alone, after Christie won reelection to a second term.

Terminating the Reciprocal Personal Income Tax Agreement, reached in 1977, would have raised taxes for some New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents who commute across the Delaware River for work.

But it's a good sign that Trump yanked him from the transition team for trying to populate the executive branch with lobbyists (against Trump's own pledge) and Christie cronies. Once the dust settled from their surprise win, the Trump team noticed that Christie had done little to vet potential administration picks or to dig into potential conflicts of interests. "And the president-elect has been incredibly generous to me the entire time I had the opportunity to chair the pre-election transition [and] during that time that I've been able, in the post-election period, to provide him advice and counsel on putting together the government, not just personnel but things that need to be done and how to do them".

"It's something really to give thanks for, that we're going to save over 125,000 new Jerseyan's taxes", said New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney at a news conference to discuss keeping the agreement. The former MA governor, meanwhile, exchanged bitter insults with Trump during the presidential campaign.

Christie's camp also recalls that he used his political muscle to help deliver New Jersey's 51 Republican convention delegates to Trump - an important boost at a time when there was talk that the Cleveland convention might be brokered. Pence tells "Fox News Sunday" that he told his daughter, "That's what freedom sounds like".

All day Saturday and Sunday, Trump welcomed a revolving door of politicians, business leaders, and other dignitaries into the course's clubhouse - a brick mansion with white Roman columns that once belonged to another famed tycoon, the late automaker John DeLorean.

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Obama says he may defend ideals if 'necessary'
Obama said he would do everything he could to ensure "a strong handoff" in the relationship with the Trump administration. The White House did not immediately provide details about the content of their conversation.

Woman injured in oil pipeline protest improving
Initially, rumor spread among some activists that Wilanksy was going to have her arm amputated. They add that the group pulled a female from under a burned vehicle on the bridge then fled.

So it came as a shock to Christie, his allies say, when he was informed three days after the election that he was out as head of the transition, to be replaced by Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

"My relationship with the lieutenant governor is great", he said. The New Jersey governor chose to endorse Trump, but received criticism for doing so.

President-elect Donald Trump is tweeting about his meeting on Saturday with retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis.

Gov. Chris Christie has opted to keep New Jersey's reciprocal tax agreement with Pennsylvania after all.

Trump said Giuliani, a top adviser during the campaign, is being considered for Secretary of State "and other things". Jason Miller, communications director for Trump's transition team, said Sunday that Trump and Rhee talked about charters and "the future of public education" while DeVos spoke to Trump about the Common Core educational standards and "promoting growth and school choice".

Early Sunday morning, Trump wrote on Twitter that the cast and producers "should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their bad behavior".