PM O'Neill passes Nation's Condolences to Cuba's Castro Family


"Revolution means unity; it is independence, it is fighting for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world, which is the foundation of our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism". - Castro in 1953, when the young lawyer was defending himself at trial for his near-suicidal assault on the Moncada military barracks in Santiago de Cuba.

Social media users debated Castro's legacy. But despite talk of rejuvenation, he was replaced by his 79-year-old brother, with two grey-haired veterans of the revolution selected as Raul's chief deputies.

Fabian Escalante, who protected Castro, claims that there were 638 Central Intelligence Agency plots to assassinate him, in plots which would seem at home in a James Bond movie.

Relations with the US never really improved during the time he was in charge, and Fidel Castro will be remembered as much for what he survived as for what he achieved. It was a promise, he never fulfilled.

Arcos said Cubans were leaning toward Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump mostly because of Clinton's shared policies with Obama. "Fidel Castro was a honest and reliable friend of Russian Federation". Over the decades, he sent Cuban doctors overseas to tend to the poor, and gave sanctuary to fugitive Black Panther leaders from the US.

Castro did not slaughter the Cuban bourgeoisie; there were no gulags.

"We will win this battle for life, and not only for your lives, but also for the lives of all children in the world".

After receiving a pardon, he fled to Mexico and raised a rebel force - supported by Che Guevara and others - who in 1956 sailed to Cuba, only for most to die in a botched landing. That's apparently a reference to Cuba's support of the guerrilla bands battling a US backed, military-dominated government in the 1980s.

Castro, who struggled for years with a mysterious ailment, prepared his people for his approaching death in April when he addressed the Communist Party of Cuba for the last time.

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"Perhaps this will be one of the last times I speak in this room", said Castro, "but the ideas of Cuban Communists will remain as proof that on this planet, if you work hard and with dignity, you can produce the material and cultural goods human beings need".

The statistics prove that Cuba, with a fraction of the per capita income, has infant mortality and longevity rates that rival those of Western Europe.

'Undertaking all other political, economic and covert actions, short of inspiring a revolt in Cuba or developing the need for U.S. armed intervention.

The biggest crisis of the Cold War between Washington and Moscow exploded on October 22, 1962, when President John F. Kennedy announced there were Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba and imposed a naval blockade of the island.

This scientific advance, generosity and solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged is attributed to Castro's vision - sometimes to the annoyance of Cuban citizens who can often be heard complaining that the help given overseas represents a spending on resources that could be better invested at home. Castro later said his comment was taken out of context.

This is particularly true in southern Africa where Cuba's intervention in the Angolan war changed the course of history. The gala celebrated key moments in his life, including repelling the US-backed attempt to invade in the Bay of Pigs in 1961.

Still, the revolution thrilled millions in Cuba and across Latin America who saw it as an example of how the seemingly arrogant Yankees could be defied.

He stood up to the U.S. and refused to back down.