Election recounting to begin Friday to the cost of $800K


The Wisconsin Election Commission gave counties until noon Monday to submit estimated costs for the efforts so that Green Party candidate Jill Stein could be billed.

Trump edged Clinton by some 71,000 votes, or about 1 percent, in Pennsylvania. And then, a few hours later, Trump went back on Twitter with more details that didn't clarify a thing, claiming there was "serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California".

The latest numbers show that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.2 million votes and that apparently is gnawing at the president-elect who won a convincing electoral college victory, which is all that really matters anyway.

"We know that there were attempts made broadly on state voter databases and we know that we have an election system that relies on a computer system that is wide open to hacks".

Stein says she is not trying to get the national results overturned, but wants to double check the integrity of the election in states where the results were tight.

Wisconsin election officials are expected to meet Monday to discuss a possible timeline for a recount of that state's presidential votes; recounts are possible in Pennsylvania and MI as well.

Distraction looms, however, much of it created by the president-elect himself, whose extraordinary claims of widespread voter fraud during a 12-hour Twitter offensive on Sunday cast a shadow over the legitimacy of an election that he actually won.

Other top Trump allies, notably campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, have launched a highly unusual public campaign to warn the president-elect that nominating Mr Romney would be seen as a betrayal by his supporters.

Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in Milwaukee Wisconsin United States

Politico reported Stein's campaign filed recount requests in over 100 Pennsylvania precincts Monday.

Unlike in Wisconsin, Stein can't directly file for a recount effort in Pennsylvania. Bob Corker, who is also being considered more seriously for the diplomatic post, and Mitt Romney, who has become a symbol of the internal divisions agitating the transition team.

Trump was also considering former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for Homeland Security secretary, according to those close to the transition process.

The board of state canvassers has certified Donald Trump's win, saying he took MI by just over 10,000 votes. Interest groups, bloggers and others across the political spectrum keep anecdotal lists of instances of election fraud, he said, but "when each side is forced to come up with factual examples where that has happened, where they have to name names. nearly always the allegations go away".

"Every vote must be counted", Brewer was quoted as saying.

Wisconsin Election Commission agreed to a ballot recount of almost 3 million votes in the state's presidential election but rejected a Green Party request ordering a hand recount.

Clinton lawyer Marc Elias said the campaign has seen "no actionable evidence" of voting anomalies.

In response, Stein and her campaign have sued in Dane County Circuit Court, seeking an order requiring that the recount be done by hand.

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