Will Trump's Attorney General impact Colorado's marijuana laws?


Before starting the job, Pompeo would have to be confirmed by the Senate. After retiring in 2014, Flynn quickly turned on the Obama administration and accused it of being soft on terrorism.

In tapping Sessions and Flynn, Trump is also rewarding a pair of loyalists who were among his most ardent supporters during the presidential campaign.

The selections form the first outlines of Trump's Cabinet and national security teams.

Trump is a foreign policy novice and his early moves on national security are being closely watched both in the USA and overseas.

In recent public comments, Flynn has emphasized his view that Islamic State extremists pose an existential threat on a global scale and demanded a far more aggressive USA military campaign against the group.

Pompeo's nomination to lead the Central Intelligence Agency also opens the prospect of the United States resuming torture of detainees.

During the campaign, Trump suggested that he would push to change laws that prohibit waterboarding and other harsh techniques, saying that banning them puts the U.S.at a strategic disadvantage against Islamic State militants.

Mr Sessions, of Alabama, was denied a federal judgeship in 1986 after hearings in which he was accused of making racially charged remarks as a US attorney. "He said things that caused not just Democrats, but people in his own party, Republicans, to say, 'This is a man who is not fit to be a federal judge'".

"I am humbled to have been asked by President-elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States", said U.S. Senator Sessions. He specifically cited as another "friend" Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, whose selection as a top White House adviser has created a backlash among Democrats.

Trump described Sessions in a statement as having a "world-class legal mind".

Leahy voted against Sessions for a district judgeship when he last came before the Judiciary Committee in 1986.

ACLU, NAAC, the largest LGBT organization, and other groups have criticized the choice of Sessions as potentially inflammatory at a time when they would prefer more racial sensitivity. She is a former assistant USA attorney for the District of Columbia and trial attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

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Sessions said he never called Figures "boy", but Kennedy produced a letter from an organisation of black lawyers that said Figures made the allegation about Sessions to the organisation's investigators at least twice.

"I am not a racist". He also said he liked to stop by Figures' desk and "philosophize". Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

There is a host of civil rights groups in metro Detroit denouncing the appointment of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to the seat of attorney general.

But "those incidents don't obliterate the well-established record of hostility to civil rights enforcement in other areas", said Wade Henderson, the president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Pompeo, a congressman from Kansas, is a prominent critic of the nuclear deal president Barack Obama forged with Iran, and tweeted on November 17 that he looked forward to reversing it.

Donald Trump sits with U.S. Sen.

Now President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Sen. He served as President-elect Trump's top military advisor during the campaign and will now continue providing expert advice and support to the President-elect as his National Security Advisor.

Flynn built a reputation in the military intelligence community as an astute professional and unconventional thinker.

Flynn has called for Washington to work more closely with Moscow, echoing similar statements from Trump.

Flynn traveled a year ago to Moscow, where he joined Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials in a celebration of the RT network, a Russian government-controlled television channel. Flynn said he was paid for taking part in the event, but brushed aside concerns that he was aiding a Russian propaganda effort. As national security adviser, Flynn would work in the West Wing and have frequent access to the new president.

CBS News has learned that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the leading candidate for secretary of state.