Trump Says His Administration 'Will Follow These Two Simple Rules'

US President Barack Obama has

He owns the U.S. mobile carrier Sprint, which Mr Trump said on Wednesday would be moving 5,000 jobs "back" to the United States.

"We're so polarized, it will only catch up with him among those who don't like him anyway", Sabato predicted. "When I won, they all knew that I had a big business all over the place", he said to reporters outside Mar-a-Lago, before adding that it was "a much bigger business than anybody thought" and a "great business".

Obama swept most key swing states in his two bids for the White House, but Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, fell short.

King had been visiting the president-elect's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida when the pair appeared on the steps of the club to take questions from reporters.

Baker said he called and spoke with Trump roughly a month ago before Thanksgiving in a five-minute conversation he described as "cordial", and noted he's spoken several times with Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the outgoing in governor. But when asked Wednesday to elaborate on his stance on the controversial Israeli settlements, Trump seemed to display a tenuous grasp of the debate.

Donald Trump says America can not let Israel be treated with "such total disdain and disrespect". "You're going to be very impressed". We're going to see what happens after January 20, right?

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Donald Trump's comments follow Secretary of State John Kerry's speech defending the U.S. decision to abstain from that vote. Trump and his team have until now been largely complimentary of the way Obama and his people have handled the transition.

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Mr Trump resumed his busy schedule of meetings following a brief lull for the holidays.

They include Mayo Clinic chief executive Mr John Noseworthy; the head of Johns Hopkins medical center, Mr Paul Rothman; the head of the Cleveland Clinic, Mr Toby Cosgrove; and Partners Healthcare chief executive David Torchiana. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to address the issue in a speech later Wednesday.

Call it a news conference (one local Fox affiliate labeled it Donald Trump's first major press conference since his election) or something shy of that (the Wall Street Journal more soberly dubbed it a question-and-answer session) or an impromptu media availability interrupted by occasional Don King chortling, the president-elect, criticized for not having held a news conference since July, did in fact welcome questions from reporters late Wednesday.

Baker's office said his exact travel plans will be released later, but his confirmed attendance is a signal that the Swampscott Republican, who criticized Trump repeatedly during the campaign and said he would not vote for him, is keen on smoothing any friction, real or perceived.

Trump has his transition team have until now been largely complimentary of the way President Obama and his White House team have handled the transition of power from one administration to the next.