Adorable footage captures animals playing in the snow at OR zoo

Heavy snowfall blanketed the zoo in Portland delighting a variety of animals.                       NBC News Channel

Visitors at Oregon Zoo in the U.S. may have been disappointed when they discovered it was closed due to heavy snow, but the animals most certainly were not.

Snow falling in Portland, Oregon, prompted the local zoo to close to the public for the day Wednesday.

The video had been viewed on Facebook more than nine million times, and Oregon Zoo spokeswoman Sara Hottman said feedback has been positive.

The weather got so intense, the zoo was closed on January 7, with ice and snow still keeping zoo goers out yesterday.

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Samudra the Asian elephant was a little unsure of the icy ground covering, gingerly stepping into the unknown. He's just plain old snow giddy!

Even an elephant frolicked around, tossing its trunk in the snow.

The snow sealed the deal for otters and seals, who flipped for the chilly fun.