Rapper TI Rips Black Celebrities for Meeting With Trump


T.I. has just a few carefully chosen words for Kanye Trump: 'What the f*ck you doing, man?' Yep, T.I. took to Instagram on January 16 to slam the other rapper, slamming Ye's photo op with Donald Trump at Trump Tower on December 13 and telling him that he shouldn't be accepting the President-elect's invites to hang out. Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting - no matter how positive you feel the outcome may be - without understanding that people have a very "Willie Lynch' agenda".

"On the week where you're going back and forth with Martin Luther King, homeboy one of the most prolific civil rights activist of all time, you're going to get Martin Luther King's son on Martin Luther King Day to come in there and meet with you?" said T.I.

"Attn.! Be clear.... There IS an agenda behind all these meetings".

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"I'll be turning 60 on Tuesday and my wife is taking me far away", he said. You know why you have a comedian, a rapper and a football player out to talk about the concerns of the community? Be aware. Be alert. "I wouldn't step to him, but who's to say Steve Harvey can't?" West's meeting, which was accompanied by a photo op in the lobby of Trump Tower, was soon followed by Twitter drag-inducing appearances from Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey. But now you have been warned. "He's their representative", Tip says, before adding that he wants young people to understand that he's not okay with it, which is why he made a decision to say something. Well, who speaks to the black women? Harvey said Trump put him in touch with his appointee for HUD Secretary Ben Carson to discuss housing issues in inner cities.

"Donald Trump takes pictures with black people..."

T.I.'s final declaration? "All y'all looking insane right now!"