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Horrified they watched as the rest of our family perished in the Holocaust that ensued. My parents were proud to become citizens of the country they loved and never took America for granted.

SEND LETTERS TO: letters@suntimes.com. "And not who we should be".

Cubans, for example, arriving at a US border point may still apply for asylum if they can establish a "credible fear" of persecution if they return to their homeland. People who are desperately fleeing persecution and oppression at home.

"We fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security, " they wrote. This is not who we are. "It flies in the face of the values of people across Britain".

In Tehran, two travel agencies told AFP they had been instructed by Etihad Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines not to sell USA tickets or allow Iranians holding American visas to board US-bound flights. He answered: a narcissistic personality disorder person.

French President Francois Hollande said Europe must have a "firm response" to Trump, and "when he refuses the arrival of refugees, while Europe has done its duty, we have to respond". Many people held signs featuring the words engraved on the statue's pedestal, written by Emma Lazarus: "Give me your exhausted, your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

Trump is out of control and actually ruining our country.

Both men were taken into custody Friday in the hours after Trump signed his executive order barring refugees from entering the United States. Our nation is a melting pot of ALL races, and ALL religions!

Some critics anxious that the order would impose hard choices on federal agencies as to which rules to keep - at the expense of other equally important measures. Others worry that favoring Christians over other immigrants could actually backfire. We grieve alongside of these families.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war and the rise of the Islamic State, many more Muslims than Christians have been killed or displaced because of the violence.

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Trump Follows Through on His Highly Unrealistic Promise to Build a Wall
The President's latest proposal to ensure that " Mexico " would pay for the wall was to slap a 20% tariff on Mexican imports. Trump described the call as "very, very friendly", and said he looks forward to the negotiations over the coming months.

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Does he deny that the USA has the right to protect its borders and establish conditions for entry? Does he believe our laws should not be enforced? "I think we should slow down" and that lawmakers "ought to be part" of the discussions about how best to tighten screening for foreigners who enter the United States.

Canada's Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced on Sunday that people stranded in the country because of the travel ban would be offered temporary residence. The wall is for the people who move the drugs.

Some demonstrators also held up signs declaring their religious identity and the phrase, "I come in peace".

Even with the officials' statements, much of the order was still being enforced during the day, and travel was disrupted for many around the world.

According to a Port Authority source, Customs agents at JFK were enforcing the 90-day ban on people entering the country from seven predominantly Muslim nations: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. But if "sending terrorists" were the major criterion, surely Trump would have included Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks came from.

"If it stands, it will over time diminish the scope and strength of the educational and research efforts of American universities", he said Sunday in a statment. He just replaced the Chairman of Joint Chiefs with Steve Bannon on the National Security Council!

So, on matters of national security the president wants advice from the guy who ran Brietbart News, a right-wing champion of conspiracy theories and fake news, instead of one of our top military leaders. Add this to the fact that Trump denies our intelligence agencies' assessment that the Russians hacked the election to help him win. And, that he admires Vladimir Putin so much that he's considering lifting sanctions imposed on Russian Federation by the Obama administration for annexing Crimea and invading Ukraine.

Google yesterday recalled travelling staff members to the United States after the executive order from Trump.

The Indian-origin CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, heading two of the world's most valuable companies, expressed their concerns over the bewildering changes in policy Mr Trump has brought about, which are in keeping with what he was promising to do in the US' most divisive campaign ever for the right to lead the nation.