Reddit shuts down r/alt-right and r/alternativeright subreddits


Reddit has banned the alt-right community (the r/altright subreddit) from its platform due to a violation of its content policy.

Reddit said in a statement there is no single solution to the issues and it is engaging with its community to improve everyone's experience.

According to CNet, some in the r/altright subreddit had been engaged in a campaign to dox the individual who punched alt-right hero Richard Spencer in the face on Inauguration Day, and that was perhaps the reason the community got banned.

The so-called alt-right has lost one of its prominent online gathering spaces after Reddit banned a subreddit dedicated to the group, which is characterized by white nationalist, anti-Semitic and misogynist viewpoints.

In their unenviable, continuing quest to rid the site of its "most toxic" troll population, Reddit has just shut down two related subreddits, r/altright and r/alternativeright, over the repeated practice of doxing. LetThereBeWhite, a moderator of /r/altright, posted a message to new subscribers to the subreddit (accessed via a cached version) saying that "the Alt Right is a racial movement and has always been a racial movement".

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Doxing is one of Reddit's few red lines when it comes to site-wide offences, alongside posting illegal content, inciting violence, or threatening, harassing or bullying people. "In the tech world, we often talk about a startup's "unfair advantage" that allows it to beat competitors", he continued. Doing the same can get users and communities banned if they refuse to comply.

"In November, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was embroiled in controversy when he modified posts from Trump supporters to spite them for the vitriol they were spewing at him on "/r/The_Donald" community.

In 2015, Reddit banned a community dedicated to hating overweight people called r/fatpeoplehate, and another called r/Rapingwomen. In response, some redditors barked at Ohanian to back up his words about tolerance by virtue of knocking down neo-Nazi and racism-espousing subreddits.

Reddit bans two Alt-Right groups as it tries to take a stance against far-right groups.

In any case, RIP /r/altright, most of us won't miss you.