United Kingdom govt to publish Brexit strategy tomorrow: Theresa May


The British parliament is set to debate for the first time the government's bill to trigger the country's departure from the European Union, following a referendum a year ago in which a majority voted for Brexit.

The opposition Labour Party has said it will not block the Bill and, although dozens of its MPs could rebel, it was expected to easily pass the second debate stage scheduled for next week.

MPs have voted in favour of triggering Article 50 by a majority of 384 votes following a second day of debating the draft legislation that will allow Britain's divorce proceedings from the European Union to formally get underway.

The bill's passage in the House of Commons (498 in favour; 114 against) was marked by deep divide across and within parties, with Labour demonstrating the most tensions.

Five separate amendments created to halt the bill before it can become law have been submitted by lawmakers from different opposition parties.

Although May did not want to let Parliament vote on Brexit after voters narrowly approved the measure she was ordered to by the British Supreme Court.

At just 143 words the bill is very short, but it is the first chance for a binding vote on Brexit since the result of the referendum in June a year ago.

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Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, May confirmed the White Paper setting out her Brexit strategy would be published tomorrow.

Dawn Butler and Rachael Maskell have said they will vote AGAINST triggering Article 50 this evening, and will have to resign from Mr Corbyn's team.

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Britain needs to find a solution that allows as seamless and as frictionless a border as possible to remain between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic once it leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.

It includes withdrawing from the EU single market and customs union and negotiating a new free trade agreement.

The Conservatives were quick to leap on this, with a spokesman saying: 'Forty seven Labour MPs voting against the Article 50 Bill shows Labour can't speak for themselves, let alone speak for the country.

"We approach the negotiation to come in a spirit of good will and working to an outcome in our mutual benefit", Davis told Parliament.

Assuming lawmakers agree on Wednesday, the bill will move on to committee scrutiny and then Parliament's upper chamber, the House of Lords.