Logitech brings Amazon Alexa support to ZeroTouch vehicle mounts


Amazon also announced today that Alexa support has also been added to the Logitech ZeroTouch air vent cart mount for Android phones for both the USA and United Kingdom versions, with Germany to be added in the coming weeks.

We detail how to get Amazon's Alexa voice assistant on your Android phone using Logitech's ZeroTouch app so you can control your smart devices by voice.

The ZeroTouch itself is available in two configurations that enable hands-free control of a docked smartphone. When you present your palm to your phone's proximity sensor, the ZeroTouch app listens for your voice command. Amazon stated that products with Alexa support in both countries can now access localized languages and skills in the United Kingdom and Germany.

That includes getting weather forecasts, adding items to your shopping list, and listening to your Kindle books. While you will need the mount, and need to have your phone paired to it via Bluetooth in order to use the app, once the app is fired up, you can use its Alexa integration to get most of the functionality of an Amazon Echo.

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For example, users can tell Alexa to set the heating at home so when they step through the door the house is the ideal temperature. Or if it's dark when you get home, you can tell Alexa to turn on your smart lights before you get out of the vehicle. Alexa can voice control individual devices, including smart thermostats and lighting, as well as activate multi-device scenes which have been pre-set for convenience and mood. It's also worth repeating that you don't need to have an Echo or Echo Dot at home in order to take advantage of Alexa skills (although you'll only be able to take advantage of them while you're in your vehicle if you don't).

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We'll know for sure, of course, once the software update goes live and we can try it for ourselves.